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lookingwest chapter 20 . 5/27/2011
Zahhh, I was about to start reviewing Crimson White and didn't realize I had missed this epilogue! Good thing I double-checked because I remember how surprising the last chapter of this was and I think and epilogue is a great idea for it! Also, apologies for bringing this to you so late, I'm usually quite punctual with your returns!

Ah, wow, I wasn't expecting all of this progress in only the prologue, there's a lot there that was developed with Hoshi, especially from when she first started in the Wish Star series! Don't get me wrong though, I'm really happy that she got married to Fuji and everything, but I didn't expect her to already have a daughter and that kind of struck me as a bit rushed, I would have perhaps been more comfortable hearing Hoshi announce to her parents that she's pregnant instead of already having the child when they show up. There was almost no description of the child either, and it kind of fell completely to the wayside, as if not even the focus of the ending scene, I think it logically would have been better to just have her pregnant instead, since you don't even use the child as any sort of character with action or real description-it makes the reactions of everyone, even Hoshi, seem colder.

Despite that, yay! It was fun to see everything wrapped up and I did like that Hoshi and Fuji got together and are finally happy-especially Hoshi she definitely deserves it! I thought besides the having a baby already part, the rest of it was well paced for a epilogue and it really fulfilled a good purpose to give us closing images of the entire family. I also liked the last line too, that tied nicely and it finally gives us such a great moment of peace for everyone after all of the bloodshed/worry that's plagued their houses.

Again, this was a fun story and you've built it up wonderfully, plus there might even be room for another with Hoshi's child, haha! I am glad that she had a daughter though, that was quite nice and it fit her well, I think. Overall, thank you for the wonderful read!
seredemia chapter 14 . 3/30/2011
Fujiwara seems to be making a habit of either saving Hoshi's life, or just protecting her from whatever evil that poses a threat to her. Usually, I find these things annoying, but it just suits their characters. Hoshi is seen as an innocent, sweet girl, and I like the idea of Fujiwara protecting her all the time. I think it's cute. I would like to see Hoshi kicking some butt in the future though :D

"Idiot! I nearly lost the one who meant everything to me! How am I supposed to not cry?"

- AWW. He's too cute! He's crying for her!

I love how this chapter was in Hoshi's mum's perspective. I love it when you get to see what parents think of their children's love interest... And just like any other mum, she disapproves of Fujiwara..

Anyway, great chapter! I loved the Hoshi/Fujiwara moments! :D
Sakina the Fallen Angel chapter 3 . 3/28/2011
Oh, it's weird but nice to get Taiyou's point of view, something that I wasn't expecting at all. In terms of characterisation, he isn't how I expected him to be - he's a little less evil haha. And you ended on a cliffhanger!

~ Sakina x
Sakina the Fallen Angel chapter 2 . 3/28/2011
It's been a long time! Nah, this wasn't over descriptive at all; I found the pacing easy to follow, and I really liked the details that you gave us, about the way Seiza is so uncertain now. Everything is so vivid, I can really imagine this as an anime!

~ Sakina x
lookingwest chapter 19 . 3/8/2011
Aw! I just realized that we were so close to the end here! I did feel the adventure coming to somewhat of a close last chapter but still, sadness! XD It's great to be in Hoshi's POV again, she's definitely a huge comfort zone POV for me from the last novel and I think she's grown a lot from where she started. Seeing her rush to her father's side after so much turmoil in their relationship and with her family was something quite special, I like how you gave it a few extra paragraphs of description and really lingered there, it was a great moment at his bedside with the dialogue too. Enjoyed the mysteriousness added into the scene with the appearance of Yoake-san as well, that was clever to keep the scene edged on curiosity, especially for the unnamed companion.

Haha, I liked the moment where Seiza went up to bed and Hoshi narrated "like he always did", XD, it's kind of sad but it's also true, and there was such a nice moment there at the end between him and Hoshi. I always thought that Seiza might snap out of this amnesia, but I liked that you kind of filled the reader with doubt in their conversation too. Him not recognizing his own father is quite sad :(

Wow! Super surprise! LOVED the twist here with the young teen being their Grandfather, that's pretty awesome, XD. I didn't even see that coming, so you got me. Clever! I just love how this is all coming together for their family too. They've been super split for many chapters and seeing them finally starting to reconcile, especially with Hoshi, is quite touching. Also, yay, Hoshi's strange eyes explained! Things are starting to pull together wonderfully and I like how you're starting to reveal the great mysteries one by one!




SEIZA WAS FAKING IT THIS ENTIRE TIME? OMG. XD What a twist! That little-omg. I can't even...

Wow. Hahaha, that was awesome. XD, I did not see that coming at all, sorry that I did a reaction review on you up there but I was pretty surprised, but in a good way! And that ending was really carrying over that touching tone! I loved how you wrapped everything together! Well done, well done! Finally a happy ending for Hoshi! (Unless the Epilogue gets crazy, XD)
lookingwest chapter 18 . 3/7/2011
Wow! Fugi is alive! And we're in his POV! XD! I wasn't expecting that for some reason, this was lovely, I love that he's back and I thought you did an excellent job with the opening of this chapter. I liked the part with the description of the spirit kingdom, Rei Oukoku, that was pretty cool and I thought you did a good job kind of describing the epic-ness of it, if that makes any sense. I'm so glad that we get to hear of him and Hoshi again, too. I like how you introduced her back in and I'm also glad the two of them had time to talk a little. Fuji's sister being dead is too bad, it's sad, but I'm kind of with him on this one about it being better for the rest of the world, heh. And then I thought the ending was built well too, the climax to that end line was gentle but it also provided a bit of a cliffhanger as to what's happening. Seeing Sora able to talk civilly for a change, even worried, was a new emotion I liked to see with her too. Enjoyed this chapter, definitely!
seredemia chapter 13 . 1/29/2011
Despite how much I hate Sora, I did feel kind of sorry for her... But I suppose her toughness does has a nice quality to it. She's strong and is able to withstand what anyone throws at her. It's nice to have a female character like that. I really dont like Natsuka... She's a worse sister than Sora! I swear that girl must have mental issues... She needs to be bitch-slapped! I like how the necklace means a lot to Hoshi, seeing as Fuji gave it to her and all... I thoguht she was going to get attacked or something near the end, but she loses consciousness... Well, let's hope she's okay by next chapter... Great chapter as always! I loved the descriptions and the tense moments! :D
lookingwest chapter 17 . 1/28/2011
...light and cheery as he spoke again.

-Style: I would omit "again"

She stood up.

-Style: could omit "up"

Something within Natsuka snappedt.

-Edit: "snappedt" should be "snapped"

It was kind of hard for me to keep track of all of Natsuka's team members, but I didn't feel the majority of them were that important, either. Still, it was good to show that there was more than just her, and that these characters were well known to the others. I liked that sense of detail and history, I just felt a bit useless as far as knowing who was who each time.

Wow though, I mean, you did a great job crafting the action sequences throughout this chapter, it was heavier than what you usually do and I enjoyed reading the description. It was cool to see the Anriki again and the description there, and I liked that everyone had come together, Sora and Seiza and Hoshi, etc. I also like that they all sort of rallied together for their father-that was great. I also liked that you ended on an inner thought, that made this chapter more personal too, and it rounded everything up nicely. Also enjoyed the dialogue that you wove into the fighting scenes-I think you did a great job doing that and balancing out the pace that way! Overall the only thing that got confusing were all those characters, but I look forward to seeing how this all turns out later!
lookingwest chapter 16 . 1/24/2011
Ah, I liked this chapter, read the whole thing through without stopping. I enjoyed getting into Yozora's perspective again, and I think you introduced us into his perspective really well, I liked the first few paragraphs because there were described well with the scene and I thought it was unique, and then the cut in with the "FATHER" was a great transition. I'm still really sad Fuji is gone. However, I liked hearing about Yozora's sister and some of the history of his family and everything, that gave us some cool insight. Plus, it was cool to see Sora with Hoshi, even asking if she was okay! Amazing, haha, couldn't have seen that coming a few chapters ago! You did a marvelous job with characterization. And also, high tension ending!
seredemia chapter 12 . 1/15/2011
Well, its good to see Hoshi's father acting more nicer. Its kinda weird actually, Im so used to see him acting evil and completely not nice, and now that he is, Im just not used to it... Well, I guess its a bit too late for him to be regretting what he did to Hoshi now... He's kind of a story late... He should have started regretting on the last story! Sheesh!

Although, its nice that hes going to save his own children... I just get the bad feeling that hes going to die... Specially after what his wife said! I know he was evil, but he cant die! Tsuki will be all sad!

Anyway, nice chapter! Nice cliffhanger as well! GASP. IT WAS A TRAP. I KNEW IT. HES GONNA DIE.
Kobra Kid chapter 8 . 1/14/2011
Yay for Seiza! He came in for the rescue! I really enjoyed this chapter! It was intense, dramatic and really held my attention! For some reason, I thought that Hoshi would put up a better fight against Sora, who, by the way, is a complete asshole. I hate her. I know her intentions, but seriously, you don't beat the crap out of your sister and not trust her or anything. I sorta wished Seiza just like, killed her, but then that wouldn't leave a lot more story, now wouldn't there? :D. I love Fuji, as I have said a million times. I'm starting to sense that Hoshi is liking him, or starting to, at least. He was so gentle and kind to her at the end, it was adorable! Anyways, good job as always!

Kobra Kid

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seredemia chapter 11 . 1/8/2011
How can Sora hate snow? I love snow! It cancels school!

I really do think that Sora needs anger management. If I met her in real life, I think I would run away. She scares me. But her violence does suit her character. It makes her such a contrast to Hoshi. Hoshi is calm, sweet and no where near violence, whilst Sora is scary, grumpy and violent as hell. Makes me wonder how in the world they can be classed as related when they have nothing in common. Although, despite her hostile personality, she has a (kinda) soft side. I think she's just angry/sad that Seiza's forgotten her... I'm hoping Sora will develop as a character and help Hoshi and Seiza out... That would really be awesome!
seredemia chapter 10 . 12/29/2010
Oh noes! Hoshi is coming back! I hope she doesnt end up hating Fuji for this... He didnt mean to... Okay, he did, but its not like he wanted to, did he?

Ooh. A phone call. How tenseful. I hope its not a trap! But what the hell, it obviously is... Or maybe not... But Ive watched way too many films where phone calls telling people to meet up only leads to life threatening death traps.

Woah. Hoshi really is too nice for her own good, isnt she? If that me were me, I would have have headbutted him by now. But no, she blames herself for it? Her innocence really is baffling sometimes.

GASP. This isnt good! Fuji better wake the hell up and save Hoshi! Theres blood! Noo! Gah! How awful!

Anyway, great chapter as always! Fuji better save the day... Better yet, Hoshi! She needs to kick some a$$!
seredemia chapter 9 . 12/27/2010
Fujiwara is so damn sweet. Why dont men like him exist? *cries* He's so nice to Hoshi... I love how he thinks shes cute, and how he just wants to help her...

Geez, that Natsuka girl sounds so annoying... Then again, older sisters are meant to be like that. Trust me, I'm an older sister and I love to torture my little brother. But woah, I dont do death threats to my brother... Natsuka has a pretty lethal side, huh? Poor Fuji.. Getting bullied by a girl...


Thats like child abuse!

Great chapter as always!

Kobra Kid chapter 7 . 12/12/2010
Aw, I think Fuji has a crush on Hoshi! This was very, very good! Fuji is developing into a wonderful character, and the reactions from Hoshi make her well-rounded as well. The dialgoue was excellent, and Hoshi's thoughts were very eloquent and stuck to her character. Great job with this! Keep it up!

-Kobra Kid

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