Reviews for Cut Me
LavenderWolf chapter 1 . 5/10/2010
Holy crap. Really well-written and interesting, but it was also twisted. :/
Ibbit chapter 1 . 3/24/2010
I won't forget you. Thats the true way to be known - writing. A person dies. The legacy that person leaves behind? Nope.

Anyways. I LOVE this. And am favoriting it. But thats a given isnt it? Why do you only have one review? This is brilliant. So morbid yet so cocky and sadistic at the same time. It's just great. :)

Luck writing

Natural and fake beauty chapter 1 . 3/19/2010
well i really rather be popular without all that shit but you know what? some will do anything to get their 15 minutes of this is a great way to show it.