Reviews for Worlds Unlimited
Lord Monbodo chapter 5 . 5/11/2010
Another interesting world. Eventually I might do something with it.
Michael Panush chapter 5 . 5/10/2010
This was interesting, but plagued by the same lack of depth that has appeared in the other settings. I like the premise, but beyond that and some factions, you really don't have too much there. I think you had some missed opportunities with the Martians. You basically recycled the Martians from your Father of Lights universe, when you could have easily created a cool melding of the Turkic Basmachi rebels, who appear in a lot of Osterns, in Central Russia with the Oriental-inspired Martians of Edgar Rice Burroughs. You could have also had Space Cossacks, the Green Russians (democratic supporters), the expeditionary forces of the various countries (though you sort of had that in the hooks), as well. I know it's kind of bad to cry 'hey, you forgot BLANK' but I think if you focused a lot on one setting, instead of just churning out loads of them, this series would improve a lot.

Just my thoughts, and I look forward to the next one.
Michael Panush chapter 4 . 4/4/2010
This one's pretty cool. It seems like Deadlands but with Kung-Fu instead of magic and the Tunguska Event instead of the Great Ghost Dance. Needs Nazis though. I don't care if its overdone or if Hitler died, but Nazis are a mainstay of pulp and they belong here. I think you should have done a bit more research into Shanghai's history too. I liked how you had the pirates, and I don't know if the warlords you mentioned were real or not, but no Dog Food General? Or Big-Eared Due? There are a lot of colorful Shanghai characters like that you could have added. Also, why remove the Nationalist/Communist rivalry? There was this amazingly complex battle between Nationalist and Communist spies and activist spies in Shanghai that would be awesome to have in this setting. You should read Shanghai: history of a wicked city for more info on all of this, and things like the Shanghai Russians and film industry.
Michael Panush chapter 3 . 4/4/2010
This setting is pretty cool and I like the playable octopi and chimps. But I think there's just not enough detail about it. I mean, there's only three main civilizations and about three races? The Platform is a cool idea, but I'd like more info on what's actually built on top of it. Is it just cities and things? Generally, I think this should have been maybe a bit longer.
Lord Monbodo chapter 4 . 4/4/2010
I probably should have done this earlier but here I go...

Maybe Tomorrow - It's an interesting future to say the least, and the AR games are a step closer to the game systems me and my dad predict. (I'll tell you about that later) Although I'd imagine that a true merge of big business and big government would be a corporate controlled government, not the other way around. And what happened to the trans-national corporations?

World Web - This looks like a fun world, I think I'll make a role-play for it. But how does the platform regulate day and night? Rotating cover blocks like Ringworld?

Pulp Shanghai - Now I'm definitely making a role-play for this. I'll pm you when these RPs are up.
Michael Panush chapter 2 . 3/23/2010
I'm a little confused by the overall concept of this series. Creating settings is fun, but without plots and characters existing in them, they're only part of the hook to draw a reader in. I guess you could want to inspire others to do stories, or role-playing games, set in your settings, but it seems to me like most people would rather make up their own than create things set in somebody else's world. That might be just my opinion though.

This first setting is interesting, but it seems a little too both utopian and mundane. The differences aren't that big, and the fabbers seem to have removed most problems that could lead to something interesting. You can talk about how cliched the noir cyberpunk settings are, but they are unique and cool. This setting's uniqueness seem to come from how non-unique it is. That's more of a personal opinion than anything else though, and I bet other people might find it more interesting.

I do wonder what setting you'll bring up next.
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