Reviews for Tarot Readings
MTveit chapter 1 . 9/11/2015
This is really great. I've read some of your work and I think I like this the best. Especially the lines about fools being easily forgiven. There is much honesty in this I feel. Thanks for sharing!
HiddenFromYou chapter 1 . 3/21/2010
First of all, I'd better say I've never seen tarot cards in my life, so if I make any stupid comments to do with what they look like, just ignore them. :)

"Your skin is sick; with flares, like some old doughy sun," - The semi-colon throws me off somewhat, but all punctuation in poetry does, so don't worry. When I get the image in my head from this line, it seems to me like you've contradicted yourself somewhat. Saying the words 'sick' and 'doughy' draw out a dull picture, but the word 'flares' draws out a bright one. Did you do the contradiction on purpose?

"Your eyes are meek and weak, oh! Where's the radiance?" - I like the little bit of rhyming you've thrown in here. It works well together with the contrast of the word 'radiance'. But the question sounds too quiet after the exclamation mark, like the word 'oh' is shouted, and then the question is spoken.

"For these fluorescent lights Capture smiling mediocrity!" - I liked these lines. They delivered a wonderful image and had some nice descriptive words.

The 2nd stanza is very strong. The strongest one in my opinion. I especially like the fire line. :)

“The moon is whoring with her tricks Like childhood does with memories.” – This was an interesting line. I liked it. :)

While the last four lines are strong, I think you’ve used too many exclamation marks. One or two are fine, but over-using them can negate their effectiveness.

I look forward to your future poems for this series. :)