Reviews for Falling
TinkerKait chapter 1 . 11/21/2010
How sad! I tend to dream about the good looking fellows I see and imagine such things as white dresses and happily ever afters, but luckily I never had my heart stomped on. Good poem. It makes hope I never get into such a triangle.
Joly chapter 1 . 3/24/2010
I think i know what you've been through... but my story is a bit different... i had a best friend, who i tell everything... and how much i liked this guy... and little did i know... she's been going out with him for almost six months without telling me...i had to find out the hard way when i chose to ask him to the movies without telling her... and he told me, "I'm sorry... but i'm with your friend" i was confuse so i asked who? and he said her name... i couldn't believe it and i wanted to kill her... but i didn't want in the same time because... she's like a sister to me... when i asked her about it... she said she was sorry and wanted to tell me... but couldn't because... she didn't want this thing to brake our friendship... since then... we became closer... i'm glad to see her happy... and i'm happy to say that... I'm through with him...