Reviews for Persephone's Flight
Robin Leigh chapter 3 . 5/27/2010
Excellent! Hades sort of scared me at the start and I was about to think "May-December affair?" The latter part of the chapter is really sweet. *applause*.
Robin Leigh chapter 1 . 5/27/2010
Beautiful! I love how the story is told from Hades' point of view, instead of just narrative (like it is in my Mythology book).
RainbowReggie chapter 1 . 5/27/2010
I like it. I'm saving it!
RainbowReggie chapter 8 . 5/27/2010
Love this story! Ok, I love the parts that have Hades and Persephone. I tend to get bored with the rest. Can't wait for the rest!
esthaelum chapter 3 . 5/27/2010
Hades is damn epic. I can jsut imagine him dragging poor Kore at the start, with her kicking and screaming, whilst he's just there, muttering curses underneath his breath. I must say that I LOVE him at the moment! You gotta love the possessive guys who abduct women! He's a very confusing and interesting character too... One minute, he's begging Kore to not hate him, then the next, he's grabbing her by the arm and snapping at her angrily. I love how his personality is just so... twisted.

"Please. I have not sentenced you to Hell, Kore. My chambers are much more enjoyable than that," he responded, with a wink.' - I WONDER WHY. *winks*

I thought the last section was beautifully written... I love good old romance. Hades is so yummy ~ D
Devil's Playground chapter 2 . 5/26/2010
First of all, I just wanted to say that I really love how polished your writing is. It seems like you've done enough proofreading to get rid of all the little errors, and it gives it a professional feel. Plus, it allows me to fully enjoy it because I don't get tripped up by spelling mistakes and such.

I really like the dialogue in this. It has a cool formal feel to it that fits the genre/time, but it doesn't sound stiff and choppy. The conversation between Demeter and Zeus felt very real, and the relationship between the two seems very interesting. Of course, I doubt things will go this well with them now that she knows that he played a hand in this...

Awwh, poor Demeter. :( I could really feel her grief. You did a great job of making it emotionally impactful, but not cheesy or overdone. You managed to say a lot with just a few short lines. So sad!

Yeah, Zeus, you better feel guilty. Bastard.

I'm really liking this so far, it seems very interesting. I love the way you write!
Devil's Playground chapter 1 . 5/26/2010
The only thing mythology-related I've read was Percy Jackson and the Olympians (pft), but I've always found it interesting. And this story definitely drew me in, even without much experience with myths on my part. I vaguely know the story, so I'm interested in seeing it fleshed out in a full-length piece of work.

I didn't notice any errors at all throughout this. It's written very smoothly, and I read from start to finish without being snagged on anything. The pacing is good, and you have some good imagery when describing Kore.

The characterization is good, too. I immediately had a really good sense of what Kore is like. I was rooting for Hades in the beginning because he seems to genuinely adore her, but once he actually met her he was kind of a creep. D: And the whole kidnapping thing... yeah, not exactly great courting tactics, bwaha.

One thing I wasn't sure about was what Hades looks like. Of course there's room for description further on in the story, but it would've been nice to know how to picture him here, or even to know his approximate age - and Kore's. The way she's described she seems pretty young, but that might be because she's so innocent that it makes her seem more youthful... so yeah, I wasn't really sure.
Shadowed Breath chapter 8 . 5/26/2010
LOVELY chapter! I loved it thoroughly...this is a nice display of emotion. It seems very life like even though they are mythological. Very nice..

Update soon!

BookObsesserNumberOne chapter 8 . 5/24/2010
Before you go too far I must say something. Persephone is supposedly a virgin. I might be wrong and then you can look it up, but I heard somewhere she is.
esthaelum chapter 2 . 5/23/2010
Hehe. The only thing I know about Greek Myths is Hercules... DISNEY. I've read a few, but nothing much about Hades... So this story is very different to Disney. Hey, is Hades really BLUE in the greek myths..? He doesn't look very attractive in Disney, you see... Anyway, onto the review!

Oh my. This chapter was very sad. ( I could really feel Demeter's grief and sadness! The part at the end where she was screaming and crying was AWFUL. NOT AWFUL AS IN RUBBISH. But awful to picture, because it's just so... heartbreaking. Good job on that! Very moving! *wipes tears away*
Kackex chapter 2 . 5/23/2010
Damn Zues regretting his deeds already. When you’re the king of god’s time flies doesn’t it?

- Demeter was a big tear jerker and you made me feel for her without much work so bonus points for you. Remember that Demeter’s sadness will cause winter and Fall the seasons causing disharmony for the mortals. If you don’t do that then you don’t do the myth justice and ill take all your bonus points away.

- Your length is better controlled in this chapter and its damn well interesting and detailed but not TOO detailed.

Keep writing, Would you kindly,

Kackex chapter 1 . 5/22/2010
Nice work, you did the myth justice but why would Hades need Zues' blessings? Zues has had a few bastard children (Herculus for one) and never officaly married Hera. Disney kind of sugar coated it and diluted it.

Funny Irony, Pheserphone I mean Kore is like the flower Hades made. He can look, but you can not have.

Your writing is top notch and you didn't make the chapter so long that it is not a pain to read, and frankly its not a pain to read because it is interesting.

Keep writing, Would you kindly,

esthaelum chapter 1 . 5/22/2010
I've always been intruiged by Greek myths, and I love how you developed your story into one of them. Your interpretation of Hades was very good! I enjoyed the interaction between Kore and Hades in the last section! I thought it was beautifully written and I loved how she was so shy, it was very entertaining to read. Anyway, good story so far, good luck on this!
ria chapter 3 . 5/19/2010
like it... i start to like it... much more better... go on... hey one of ur reader sent me msg told me been so rude to u with my comment... im sorry if u felt that way too... i dont mean that, i just want give some input n opinion for ur story as a reader not as a profesional one which is definitely not me hehehe. peace
Mika Rinku Teshi chapter 2 . 5/19/2010
i loved the first two chapters they are amazing maybe we could colab on a story since u and i kno alot about greek mythology.
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