Reviews for Jayd
BoogieChip chapter 2 . 6/27/2011
Psych! It's me again. I made myself another account, because I am an attention seeking whore!

*coughs* actually, it was because I forgot my password for a little while...

But I use it now for stories i want to put a lot of effort in. right not, i only have one story, but i'm cleaning up all my old stories for wacky's account, proofing them and redoing them if i am so inclined.

So, ANYWAY! Boogie/Wacky loves this chapter! I like how put in that old fashion Dj humor in there! DAMN i love your characters! And your descriptions have gotten mouthwatering! I love it! don't you dare make me wait too long, ya hear!
Teh Outtawacked chapter 1 . 6/27/2011
Hello! I get the first review rights!

Anyway, this story is very you. I'm glad it has a purpose that is clear. Before, when i read your stories, I thought it was going to be focused on the story line instead of the characters, but here you have clearly established that this story is about the experience and emotions of the characters. I look forward to seeing how you display a master/slave relationship to the readers.

(that is what it's gunna be right? are is it about a girl overcoming abuse?)

Either way, I missed you and your writing, welcome back!

*takes off serious mask*

Okay, whew! OMG! i missed you meh muffin! *glomps*