Reviews for Acceptance
J112011 chapter 1 . 11/28/2011
Great poem and very well written. Glad it's not just the first two stanzas...
Liya Smith chapter 1 . 6/30/2010
Wow this was great, really clean cut. I loved it.
Your-Magpie chapter 1 . 5/26/2010
this was really flawless

it flowed really well, and the rhymes sounded completely together.

i would like this to be in enjambment-form, it sounds like to the type of poem to be good.

really liked this, i understood completely the subject matter about not feeling the same to others, so it was nice to read and empathise.

from the gossip forum- greetings!

fleur de l'est chapter 1 . 5/4/2010
Hm I'm wary of calling this poem a sonnet because the metres aren't quite iambic, but well done for sticking to the pentametres and rhyme scheme!

I like the release of emotions and the word 'acceptance', it seems like the speaker has moved on from seeking others' acceptance to the acceptance of himself.
Sorrow's Smile chapter 1 . 5/3/2010

nice coming out poem. you should send it to the gay-straight alliance at your school.
Bradly chapter 1 . 4/12/2010
I think the feelings put fourth in this poem are well portrayed. It makes it easy for the reader to relate with the narator. You have good flow and consistancy as well. Good poem. :)
deefective chapter 1 . 4/10/2010
I really liked the simplicity of this piece. Of course, you're touching upon a very sensitive and sometimes explosive subject but you take it from the bare-bones angle and I liked that. Nothing was overly described and I liked that fact as well. The ending was once again, very simple and soft. The only thing I would say is to change "ok" in the second to last line to "okay". Just a visual discrepancy. Nicely done.
Punslinger chapter 1 . 3/28/2010
This is a fine sonnet; good choice of words and rhymes for self-expression within a fixed form. What matters is that you have come to accept yourself as you are and learned that "most people are ok" with it. You can't always expect acceptance from others-sometimes tolerance or just indifference will have to do. Many people are so wrapped up in themselves that they don't have time to think about you anyway.
East-0f-Eden chapter 1 . 3/28/2010
that was a very moving sonnet. i'm happy for you that your life has moved on as you say.
PencilSketchS chapter 1 . 3/28/2010
Wow, you're a busy poster, aren't you. But on to Acceptance:

I like! The emotions are real, the sadness, the acceptance, both personal and from loved ones. The hope and "life goes on" "things get better" "everything worked out" message.

Very cool