Reviews for Sparks
lianoid chapter 1 . 10/5/2010
Oh, second person narrative? Yes!

She was what he still knew. A daydream composed of teenage fantasy and rambling musings on love dictated by forgotten poets.

-Beautiful! Absolutely wonderful. You have such a brilliant way with words, my goodness! Your pieces are always filled these wonderful lines that pop out and speak to me. So good.

Oh my gosh. That was SO intense. Like, the entire thing. It was just... wow. Just wow. I had shivers, serious shivers when I read the last line. This was one amazing piece. I can’t even describe. Your descriptions, as always, were PERFECT. You phrase things so beautifully and slide in metaphors and similes seamlessly. You have a truly inspiring way of writing that I adore, and I think this piece was the best out of the three I read of yours today. My goodness, this was just so fantastic. Brilliant, brilliant job with this one!
MidnightblueAurora chapter 1 . 6/29/2010
Okay so, firstly I must say, this is extraordinarily deep and well-written. It's really good. The first few sentences did make me want to read on and you kept my interest up with the vagueness of almost 3/4 of the piece. It's so human, that's one thing I definitely love about it. The guy was excellently characterized, however you know nothing about the girl. Well not much anyway. Or maybe I just didn't get it or that;s the way you intended it. You talk about the guy being a bastard and selfish and that draws on my sympathy and leaves a sense of sadness...and loss...for something he never had but is still holding on to. I'm not sure if that makes much sense :) The writing style is really wonderful and flows perfectly. However, be careful that you're not too vague so as to lose your reader. I almost got lost myself :) I do feel though that the vague quality of the way you wrote helps to enhance the what the guy is feeling which just serves to draw the reader's sympathy and understanding...even empathy. Like I said, it's so human and so able to be related to. All in all, a great piece. The only issue I really had wasn't much of an issue, just be cautious about the vagueness.
lookingwest chapter 1 . 4/3/2010
Wow. Loved the emotion behind this. My favorite part was probably the three part "neither was..." because I think it showed excellent consistency and really stuck out. The narrative was smooth and had a great pace and the characters were very believable. I love how you use "you" because second person just isn't used enough and I think that was a very wise decision! It really drew me in as a reader and made me pay extra close attention. All praises here, XD, and the title was perfect.
McQuinn chapter 1 . 3/29/2010

Just wanted to reiterate how much I enjoyed this. Congratulations, again, for the FMS win. If you do decide to continue this, be sure to hit me up! :)