Reviews for If the Wind Could Carry Words
Ruby Kart chapter 1 . 3/30/2010
That is so sweet! I love the ending to it. Sure, you don't give the final note as to what her actual response was, but it leaves it open for us as readers to decide if it ends happily or not. Still, it doesn't really need that sort of ending to it. She found the letter, and read it, and now knows the truth. That in itself makes it a happy ending.

I do have to laugh a bit at the formality of it all. You are going to have no trouble applying for a job or writing a college entrance letter. It's so proper and formal and almost astounding that a teenager can write with that much poise. After all, formality is not something we teenagers are known for.

There are a few small errors in grammar and such, but I can't remember them all. One error I do remember, when Walter wants the opportunity back, he says "After a minute of pondering and yearning to have just that moment back so that maybe I could have said something sooner, something more meaningful; I realized that it was vein" That vein carries blood, you meant vain. Common mistake.

I also love the way it's so realistic. Sounds like a day torn right out of your life (after all, you are a bit of a Country music fan). The attitudes and characters fit together very well. It's sweet, without being overly mushy. A sort of masculinity to it.

I enjoyed it. Keep Writing!

Ruby Kart