Reviews for Poluting My Airwaves
Saigishin 13 chapter 1 . 12/11/2012
alright, I understand the frustration with the whole Gaga thing, but really in all honesty, I wrote this poem when the radio only played Bad Romance, Poker Face, and one other ungodly popular Lady Gaga song at the time, plus the whole Imma be and the Tonight's gonna be a good night, were also in there as well. The purpose of this poem is just showing frustration to the radio stations that play "mix music" when every 10 - 15 minutes they play the same damn song by the same damn artist, or play another one of their songs literally 2 songs after they had just played another one of their songs.

Trust me, I am not and never was a huge Gaga fan, but some songs (especially some of her NEWER stuff has been more interesting, and just dance was actually a decent song). but had I chosen to write this poem again I would be choosing bands like Gotea (or however you spell their name with Someone I used to know) and Foo Fighters (one of these days & learning to walk again), and in all honesty I LOVE the Foo Fighters, and the Gotea song I actually liked until the radio MURDERED the hell out of them, yet so many bands never make it to the radio and you can only find them by word of mouth. but they play the same damn garbage every 10 min or so...

so sorry for "dissing" someone you like even though that wasn't the idea here, I'm just sick of media telling us what to like, and to make this story even more hillarious that Gotea song I heard a DJ as he put it on say, "I hate this song," and yet played it... I was like WTF?!
Anonimuss chapter 1 . 10/20/2012
I appreciate that you have an opinion, albeit a negative one and based upon an assumption that genuinely talented artists like Lady Gaga (whom you seem to have misunderstood) can only write simple, meaningless and meagrely-fashioned lyrics, much like the way you have written this rather seedy poem.

I don't appreciate the meaning, however. Perhaps if you studied a wide variety of her songs, you would see that she is actually one of the few artists around in contemporary music that have a true lyrical, poetic talent for songwriting, and indeed singing (as I have seen her live and know what a truly powerful voice she really has) - unlike the black eyed peas where, and I agree with you here, they do pretty much suck.
beautyslowlycoveringmytracks chapter 1 . 4/3/2010
thank you, i was beginning to think i was the only one