Reviews for An Eastern Sun Set Over Narcissus Garden
Isca chapter 1 . 4/15/2010
"His mince-pie mind." Hah. That made mf think of the movie "Sweeney Todd." :P

"He knows no other tongue." How vibrant! I love that all the speaker knows is: boiling blood, tense muscles, hardened limbs, helter-skelter directions, etc.

"He sheds away God." Holy cow. I love the idea that, for the speaker, his "becoming" involves "shedding God." That's just...completely nouveau and brilliant.

I liked the "Cthulhu" stanza; it was very mysterious and "vampiric." ;)

"No man howls for the sake of sound itself." Well, goddamn, Louis! What a striking line! It should be a philosophic quote.

"Narcissism seasonal blooming; Funeral only." Excellent ending. Very Eliot-esque.
Saurosuchus chapter 1 . 4/6/2010
Heavy and heartful piece. Your many descriptions have a dramatic impact, very fluid and intense, and we are left with no real reasons to like this man described until, slightly, at the end, as to want to relate with the narrator perhaps; but, anyhow, a 'sheepish smile' doesn't cut it, and the reader is left with something of a somber taste in their mouth. Very effective piece, stirring, lucid and related to.