Reviews for Bedtime Story
Misplaced Admiration chapter 1 . 4/20/2010
My God! How can you possibly lack confidence in your own writings when you can create such absolutely brilliant artworks! This is just... I can't get over how good this is, love it, love it! To be able to write something that's so insanely intricate and still clearly expresses the driving emotions, you've really got a complete grasp on this.

It's got such a strong harness of all these different emotions all coming in together, and it portrays them wonderfully.

This is brilliant, you hear me! :D Really, people would pay to read these! This just draws the reader right in right away and it's such a myriad of thoughts and feelings that it's impossible to not read it again to make sure that every detail was picked up.

Every time I see that you've put something out I have to drop everything and go and read it. Fantastic, great job! XD Now, I'm going to go and read it again!