Reviews for Untitled: The Life Story of a Young Writer
PutALittleLoveInIt chapter 1 . 4/15/2010

I don't really know what to say. I came on here one day just to put up a story my ex wrote because it was important to me. I never planned on reading anything but I saw this and thought, why not? I come from a broken family, like you only I'm a bit younger. I have been living with my Father for the past eleven years coming up twelve. I don't know why but your writing really hit me. I have never been through anything like you have, well not to the same extent. My Father can be abusive but he tries his best. I know it is hard for him having three teenagers by himself. I am the oldest so he looks to me for support but I can't. I'm only sixteen, I can't look after my brother and sister and it bothers him. All the pressure and stress caused me to become depressed and it didn't help. Things got worse, I got referred to my school councilor and that didn't help at all. My Father tried to get my Mother to help but her partner told her she shouldn't get involved with me. That only made things worse. I love my Mother, I always have. When I grew up she was who I wanted to be and when she left me all alone, I was crushed. My Father never had any luck with women and he made some big mistakes when it came to them. I grew attached to one of my Father's ex's, she was like a Mother to me. My Mother lives in another island in New Zealand so I don't often see her and Denise treated me as her own. But then she tried to kill herself after they fought one day. I had to wait outside for the ambulance. It was and still is the most terrifying thing I have ever had to do. I thank God she was unsuccessful but it was the end of her relationship with my Father and so I lost another person I was close too. Again I know what has happened in my life is nowhere near a severe and awful as the events in your own, I am glad to hear you are getting better, even though I do not know you. It seems strange really. I don't know why I am doing this. I wasn't even conscious of what I was doing till part way through. I hope your life improves as I know mine will, eventually. I have faith on my side and I will try to let nothing get me as low as I was.

Good Luck in everything you do and continue to dream, you can to anything you want. Don't let anyone ever tell you different.

Best Wishes,