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pbgurl chapter 33 . 6/26/2010
YAY! They won their case! _

bo, that its ending :(

-Liz :D
64ShatteredButterflys chapter 33 . 6/26/2010
DELETED-LE-ACCCOUNT chapter 33 . 6/26/2010
Noo! Never! I can't believe its almost over. I'm going to miss the book, and now I think I'm going to watch a princess movie... Like princess Diaries.
Annalise Farran chapter 33 . 6/26/2010

When I saw the little email from FP saying you updated I was super excited and super sad, cuz I wanted to see how the hearing went, but I know each chapter is one closer to the end. :( ANYWAY.

YAY! I am so happy that they can be together! YAY. The loophole was brilliant, I had never even considered that. And when Elliot talked was cute and made me say "aw" like 800 times.

Also I started laughing at Luke and Julie 'honeymooning' hahaha oh, it's about time!

And when they were waiting for the results made me "aw" also. (Yeah, this review is so not in any chronological order)

YAY. But BOO. Because next is the last chapter, right? :( Oh well, I'm sure it was be amazing as per usual.

Adva Dror chapter 32 . 6/26/2010
Ow what a wedding. What a chapter. I honestly don't have words to describe it, so I'll just say it was cute. D
Garneau chapter 32 . 6/26/2010
Okay, so I have been a lazy reader.

I love how the story is going. Yes it is a bit sappy, cliched and fluffy, but I guess that is what makes it so enjoyable to read.

Thanks for being an extremely efficient updater. I swear everytime I log on, there's always a new chapter. I'm an impatient person and I love not having to wait with your story ;)

Lol at Elliot. I know you wrote about them saving their discussion for the next day, not to ruin Luke and Juliet's wedding, but I'd love to see the emotions Elliot was experiencing with Checker's letter and her departure.

Anyway, I'm interested to see what Checkers has up her sleeve,

outsidersgirl chapter 32 . 6/25/2010
this is good
DayDreamer 69 chapter 32 . 6/25/2010
Yay! They're married! o ca't wait till midnight! lol

Elliotts back yay yay yay yay yay!

Naw :( onloy 2 chapters! :'(

Love it!

CleoQueen chapter 32 . 6/25/2010
OH MY GOD! that is so cute! Their banter is very funny with suggestive jokes...adorable :D
Endowment's Seraph chapter 32 . 6/25/2010
this was great. I can't wait to read the next chapter, I'm sure it'll be fantastic! Write more soon!

64ShatteredButterflys chapter 32 . 6/25/2010
11cina24 chapter 32 . 6/25/2010
Haha, yay Elliot is back!

The random ending actually worked pretty well, I liked it(:lol

Aw, only two chappies?

Hmph, well, i'll just give you a crazy review on the The End chapter, now won't I?
EmmaWoodhouse88 chapter 32 . 6/25/2010
It's so sad that the end is this near. I can't wait to see what happensnext! It was a beautiful wedding.
CrazyInAGoodWay chapter 32 . 6/25/2010
hehhehehheheh :D i love them togther so much (checkers and elliot)
pbgurl chapter 32 . 6/25/2010
:( why? why must this end :( I am going to miss this story.

But yay, Elliot is back! Julie and Luke are married

Elliot and Checka together again!

I'm curious to see what the loophole is. _

-Liz :D
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