Reviews for Aercion Origions
i think that maybe chapter 1 . 5/7/2010
i really -really- liked the intro on this. philosophy/religious philosophy mixed in with ancient doctrine... yup :) (as an intro i know it's supposed to be just a short kind of preview, but it'd be interesting to see it drawn out into a (maybe it's own?) longer piece, because the whole concept/twist on leviathan that i got from it is -hella- intriguing.)

_anyway_ yes- the entire conceptualization of this world is.. fascinating, basically- almost to the point of being overwhelming with the possibilities

(on that note- you narrow it down to the storyline/main characters/main conflicttwist deftly&early on enough to limit it (in a good way- it lets your mind wrap around the entire notion))

as for the actual story- the thoughts, the (non)actions, wording etc- if i don't just sum it up as 'i liked it; it fits; it works' i would have to type way more than fp allows. but basically this line- "..the best place for darkness to hide was right in the center of the light." and all the meaning and metaphor this section contains-"It was all so beautiful, and metallic. Part of him didn't want to leave this new haven..", plus that (additional) side-kind of biblical reference to the Samaratian at the end- just, yeah. again- you do a great job and i'm running out of ways to say that.

(you were going to draw this out right? def interested to see where your brain takes this now that you threw in those final plot twists. some more backstory on the world (their society/structure/history) would be rad in terms of i'm curious as eff)