Reviews for Deepest Thoughts, Darkest Feelings
Snehal chapter 1 . 1/22/2012
I read first five chapters :-) and this is an adult's thought out and out. In sense a person when just comes off age is actually split between numerous contradicting worlds and at times not so still. But he is emotionally most challenged as he wants acceptance from all the worlds but hard to find in all. A boy for example just adult needs love but doesnt get as he is of age, again just cant venture alone as he is new to the independent outside place. Conflicts internal galore. Your words with rhetoric at times and at times plain sharp que do that. Simple to the point yet sharp effective. Will come back to read the remaining ones :) great stuff. ;)
IMADAW chapter 1 . 4/22/2010
I think you should put this in the poetry section...It would make a cute poem...and I like the ending...simple and meaningful...that's the way to roll...anyways good job...


(Everybody seems to like signing their work at the end of the page, thought I should start it too...But still don't get what's up with it...maybe some sort of writer's syndrome?)