Reviews for It Has Never Been Later Than Right Now
HelloBilby chapter 1 . 5/23/2012
this is really cool and really sweet and it's one of those stories that I never want to forget having read, because it makes me remember what love is.
Zethoa chapter 1 . 1/11/2011
The end was seriously fucking perfect. Like seriously. Otherwise, I'm at a loss for words. I think I'm gonna stop faving stories and just fave you as an author. Or else I'm going to end up faveing everything.
L. W. Perry chapter 1 . 5/3/2010
Do you have any idea how epic this is? Do you? XD

"Who needs a cat stuffed at one in the morning?"

Probably my favorite line. Not sure why, it just made me laugh.
Sundown chapter 1 . 4/24/2010
Oh Chas.

Oh, Chas.

You have no idea how happy this one-shot made me, dearest. Amongst a fort of homework, this was just such an awesome surprise.

It's funny how your 'giant quilt of incoherencey' has a coherency of it's own. It's your writing style, something that is distinctively YOU and it's different and delicious. I love that you always take us into some 'half-wake, half-sleeping' semi-dream state where the characters just...exist. (Please tell me that makes sense, I haven't slept for two days.)

Particular lines/sections that stuck out to me were:

'We speak in spare lines of verse, the conversational equivalent to a Mondrian painting, nouns-verbs-adjectives to blue-red-yellow squares interrupted by black lines. Later, won't recall it exactly.'


'My life is not really gone.

I am gone from my life.

My life is still there.'


'Even if he thinks Joshua is dependent —on pills, on good luck, never on Azul— he finds himself nonetheless drawn to his florist counterpart. Like magnets. Like buttered toast to the floor. Like stick figures in the same panel of a comic.'


'Sleep crawls in through the windows, covered in the dank scent of nightmares and slick slime from the bottom of a snail. It coves Azul and Joshua, spread out on the bedspread.' I could basically just copy and paste the entire story into this review! :)

What I especially love is the lack of melodrama towards the relationship. I adored the fact that the characters weren't fretting over 'what are we? Does he love me? Oh my god my world is over if he doesn't! I will sob into my pillow now in the most manly way possible.'

Nope. None of that, just

I love this. I love you. Thank you. AND if you ever want a one-shot written in dedication to you, just say the word and what you'd like to see in it!


Subconscious-Flirt chapter 1 . 4/24/2010
Wow. See, every time I read something you write, I feel more like a complete failure at life because that is how amazing the way you write is. I don't know how you think of the things you do, but it is wonderful. Always makes me think. Please write something more soon.
big.break.and.laryngitis chapter 1 . 4/24/2010
well that was just very fucking good. i know i fangirlspaz over your writing like, all the time, but this was exceptionally good. i dunno. you're just fucking great. i really like the vague differences in the story-telling when the perspective changes. it's cool. it's like real life, everyone hears things differently. i dunno. i just really fucking liked this. a whole lot.

there was one point where you said "every" when it should have been "ever." but that's all i caught.

if i hadn't made it clear, good job on this.