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mayo0oya chapter 8 . 6/28/2017
So I am rereading because I love this story and I can't believe this chapter has Mayday Parade lyrics in it and I only noticed accidentally because I happened to be listening to the song today. I even sing the lyrics when I read it but was never able to place it
But I honestly love this book. Even popular books that supposedly had shy main characters never got it right. I am so shy that even with years on this site, I think this might be my first review so I really relate to Care.
Shadowswept chapter 30 . 11/6/2016
This is the kind of story that makes me want to delete everything I've ever written and start over from scratch, even though I know I'll never write anything as brilliant as this. It was just a fun cliche in the beginning, albeit with characters that were more odd and quirky than the usual shy girl and bad boy trope. As I kept reading, the story slowly became more complex and real in subtly layered ways. I love how flawed all the characters were and how you developed them gradually while keeping them consistently who they were, only a bit more mature as they made mistakes and learned from them.

The story remained compelling, and the characters were memorable enough for me to keep thinking about them the entire next day after I finished the story. Your descriptions of writing and playing music were fascinating and some of the best I've ever read. Your writing style in general is very compelling, and I felt like I was right there with Care as she was experiencing everything. The secondary characters were also well-written, especially Elyse and Bone. They had their own strong, distinctive personalities instead of existing only as shadows to the main characters as is often the case with best friends in many stories.

The only fault that I can find with this story is the final chapter. This chapter feels more like the end of the story than the next one does. It is so different in tone that it doesn't feel like part of this story. Losing that connection with Care and viewing her from a distance was jarring and broke the perfect flow that kept me compulsively reading all the previous chapters. Other than that, this was a flawless reading experience for me. I don't know if you'll ever read this review, but I wanted to thank you for all your hard work on this story. It will always be one of my absolute favorites, and not just on this site. It's up there with my favorite published books I've ever read.
ladormeuse chapter 1 . 7/24/2015
Hilarious, adorable beginning. Strong voice!
ColdWinter12 chapter 31 . 5/25/2015
I just binge read the entire story in one day. At first, I didn't know what to think about it cause the protagonist seemed so meek, and I felt like Elyse was just a tad bit controlling. But, the more I read the more I got hooked on the journey of these characters and how they become better people. Your development of these characters is really beautiful. Care comes out of her shell, and we find out more of the mystery that was DC. Your description of the music was just on the spot. I've noticed that a lot of FictionPress writers make the mistake of just writing lyrics without really decribing anything and just taking up space. You take the time to write original lyrics that don't inundate the read while still leaving so much to the imagination. I loved the story and look forward to any other story you have in the future. Thanks for the awesome read.
mylittleprincess chapter 31 . 5/5/2015
jreyesrose chapter 31 . 4/3/2015
This is without a doubt the best story i have read and not only on fictionpress but in general even the published storied ive read cant compare to this. It. Was. Worth. The. Wait! I cried honestly.
the unknown anon chapter 27 . 4/1/2015
I've decided to undecide my decisicion earlier. I'm leaving Dorian with the benefit of the doubt. He needs to prove himself before I decide whether I hate him or love him or feel nothing at all. He's still a little creeper though.
leavemeialone chapter 31 . 4/1/2015
I can't believe this story is finally done. I am kind of sad because I really love this story. But it was such a beautiful ending. This chapter was great, we see how far they have gone. I can't believe that there are only speculations that Care and DC are together. The world doesn't know they are actually together. Honestly, these two are so cute! Thank you for this beautiful story! I look forward to any new work you produce!
leavemeialone chapter 30 . 4/1/2015
First of all, I think the talk with Lindsay is important. With Lindsay's character, we realize that there are some people in our lives that are just there. I like how Care mentions how she isn't someone in her life that is important. It doesn't mean that Lindsay isn't a great person. But you start to realize that maybe you shouldn't spend all your energy on those that you don't care about. Sometimes those people are just people there. It is okay to not be best friends with everyone. It is okay. I think that realization takes a really long time to realize. I'm glad that Care sees that with Lindsay.

As for Care's mom, I am glad to see some progress. She may not like it, but she seems to be moving forward. She seems like she is willing to support Care. She even went to the talent show. It must have been hard for her to do that but she still came. I am glad to see their relationship isn't ruined over music.

As for Dorian and Care, their love for each other is so strong. I only hope to find someone that loves me as much as the two love each other. I honestly wouldn't want to go through everything they went through but their story is beautiful. They both "fixed" each other. I wouldn't say it is completely fixed but I think they can move along together and help each other.
leavemeialone chapter 29 . 4/1/2015
THEY LOVE EACH OTHER! X agree that the word is thrown around so much. For some, they truly mean it. For others, not so much. Now I hope they have their own happily ever after. I could just stop reading after this because this is so beautiful. But obviously I would be crazy to just stop after reading this chapter.

As for Patrick's song, I agree they should not sing it again. I get that this is their song, their art. But I honestly kind of feel bad for Patrick. He's jerk but still. This song has his freakin' name with it. It is not like those songs that leave out who the person was. I think that in order for Patrick to move on or to change, they should not have continue singing the song.
leavemeialone chapter 28 . 3/31/2015
I HATE PATRICK! HE IS SUCH A JERK! Care was doing so well, then he had to freakin' ruin it. I was so excited to see how she was going to sing in front of such a huge crowd. djkaljflaksjfklsd stupid Patrick! I want to see him apologize. I don't think that is going to happen anytime soon.

Care's mom gets me so mad. I guess we expect so much from parents. We expect to always be there for the child. To put their child's needs over their own. I guess it is a lot harder to do that for Care's mom. She is only human. She got really hurt over Care's dad. But I hope she realizes that Care and her dad are different people.
leavemeialone chapter 27 . 3/31/2015
We finally know the whole story! Finally we learn about the scene on the bus. All those times we saw what Dorian did to Care. But finally we saw what Care does to Dorian. Am I glad to hear that Dorian is not trying to fix Care? YES! I wonder how Care will react to all of this. A lot of times Care really surprises me, so I really don't know what she'll say or do after hearing all of this. What really surprised me was how Paisley is Dorian's stepsister. When Dorian actually blamed himself for being the problem between Paisley and Savannah, I didn't quite believe it. After hearing this, I kind of do believe that he played a huge part to this. I don't know what to feel after hearing all of this.
leavemeialone chapter 26 . 3/31/2015
Can I tell you how much I love Care?! Her speech in the cafeteria kind of reminded me of that scene in the end of Mean Girls. It does get me pissed to see that despite all of this Patrick is seen as the player. All these other girls are slut shamed. Good job Elyse for selling these shirts. I am glad that Care finally revealed that Patrick is the one behind all of this. I wonder if everyone will believe him.

I really hope that Care's mom shows up to see her. Even if she doesn't support her, I want her to see how good Care is at singing. Show her that this is truly her passion. I just hate seeing the two fall apart over this. I also glad to see Care not back down, she is not going to sacrifice her love for music, to fix her relationship with her mom. At least Care is still trying to fix this relationship.
leavemeialone chapter 25 . 3/31/2015
I definitely think DC has a problem. He thinks everything is his fault. EVERYTHING.

I do think her mom went overboard, like nailing her window shut. I can't believe she would prefer Care do anything besides music. I guess it's understandable but gosh . . . I am glad that Care snuck out of the house. Then DC and her made out! FINALLY! TOOK FOREVER! But I am starting to really think that DC does have savior complex. But even if he does have one, I hope that Care and DC will last. I am going to get so pissed off at DC if he leaves her. Though this story is much more than her and DC's relationship. We keep seeing Care grow. I am so happy to watch her get out of her comfort zone.
leavemeialone chapter 24 . 3/31/2015
OMG WE FINALLY KNOW WHAT IS BONE'S NAME! I don't think anyone would have guessed his whole name.

The very last part of this chapter was crazy. I cannot believe what Care did. She finally told her mom. Probably in the worst possible way, but still. Obviously her mom did not take it well. I mean her dad did ditch her mom for music. But like Care said, she shouldn't assume her daughter will do that too. It is unfair to Care to have to go through all these obstacles because of what her father did. She is her own person. She is not like her dad. Though it must be hard on her mom to think this thing is going to happen to her all over again. I hope that the two will eventually be okay. Care is really good and it'll be such a shame for her to give it up.

I am actually surprised to realize that DC would follow Care even if she moved across the country. I guess we could all see that he liked her. We see the strong connection but to follow her across the country is another thing. It is much stronger than just liking someone.

I wonder how DC will react once he learned Care told her mom about the band. I think he'll understand both Care and Care's mom. Maybe he'll be the mediator.
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