Reviews for A Modester Proposal
olivia.kang1475 chapter 1 . 12/9/2015
YES HELLO TO EVERYONE WHO WROTE A REVIEW: If you had hoped this essay is a joke, it's your lucky day. This is obviously a satire writing either mocking people who are sexist or protesting against gender inequality. Additionally, this is a parody of "A Modest Proposal," a satire writing by Jonothan Swift.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/19/2014
Satire. Love it!
Sk8ergurl chapter 1 . 10/24/2012
uh... A Modest Proposal was written by Johnathan Swift not Thomas Moore.
Ayame Majikku chapter 1 . 9/12/2010
You, sir, know absolutely nothing about women. Or people, for that matter. People, no matter what gender, are all vastly different. Just as there are women who like cooking, there are also women who like being active in the community. Just as there are men who like wrestling, there are men who like cooking. Actually, the best cook I've met yet was a young man. He showed me how to chop vegetables, though I still can't do it right.

Do you know of Julia Child? In her time, it was actually believed that women couldn't be professional cooks. Yet through her perseverance, she surpassed all the male cooks in her class.

My mother is currently a project manager in a large company. She's an excellent manager, much better than the man she used to work for (before she switched departments and moved up). My father, on the other hand, is handicap-he has arthritis. He had to leave the work force back before I can remember, and now he can't return because he's been out for so long. My sister is a talented and active young woman, and she would tear you apart in a heartbeat if she read this. In fact, my sister is actually helping people get back into the workforce-she's teaching classes on that very subject. Not only that, but she's risen from volunteer to employee due to her hard work, and she continues to do everything she can to help people find jobs.

As for me, I'm studying to be a manager at one of the best schools in America. I have a good number of dreams, and none of them involve cooking-which I'm very bad at. I know exactly what company I want to work at, and I'm doing everything I can to prepare myself for making a difference there. Right now, I work at a small store, but I'm well loved by my fellow employees and customers. I've also dabbled in programming, and I make all of my own websites in Notepad. My father, who is also a programmer, was surprised that I use Notepad instead of a program that lets you move things around, like FrontPage (please forgive me; I'm behind on what people use for making websites nowadays). I'm also a skilled writer, though my only works that can be seen anywhere are fanfiction. Regardless, I have quite a few fans, and I've made loveable fighters that are both male and female.

Now, a comment of yours that I must address. An uneducated man could -never- do the same as an educated person-man or woman. Living in a large city, I see homeless people all the time. One came into the store today with a crazy look on his face. I doubt he could understand how to successfully lead a business or program a website-which is by far one of the simplest things to program. As I said, I go to one of the best schools in America, and almost every major has high math requirements. I have a (female) friend majoring in -physics-. She's very bright and doing quite well in it. And, if for some reason you're not aware, physics is -not- a subject you can have anyone you pick up off the street figure out. Especially if it's an intense math problem. On the subject of math, I have another friend majoring in that-again, female, not that it matters.

Oh yes, and on the subject of how women are supposed to be 'soft'... That is not true at all. My sister is one of the strongest people I know. She's skilled in martial arts and knowledgeable of the world. In fact, she takes great interest in the world, including politics, and forms quite logical opinions. She and my dad both do, and they usually come to the same conclusions. She's the farthest thing from 'soft and nurturing'-she's strong-willed, determined, and very opinionated. Even one of my (male) friends was surprised by her strong personality.

I could go on to explain how both males and females can be gentle and strong at the same time. I could also elaborate on all the other personality points both genders can have, but then I'd be covering every single personality there is. A friend just pointed out to me-gentle people tend to have a lot more sense than agressive, arrogant people. And I've seen males and females with both personality types.

I'm not saying that women are better than men. Like previous reviewers, I believe in equality between both genders-between everyone. I'm simply trying to show you examples of successful young woman who are all pursuing their interests in the world. To take those opportunities away from these young women would hinder both them-in terms of their happiness-and the world-in terms of the great things they can bring to it.

Thank you for your time, and please open up to understand the merits of both men and women equally. I sincerely hope you do, before you either learn a very harsh lesson or die unhappily alone.

~Ayame Majikku
Selene Hime chapter 1 . 9/11/2010
Like the previous reviewer, I sincerely hope that this is a joke. Not only is this essay entirely subjective rather than objective, it is highly extremist. And to be point blank, it is also very sexist. From my point of view, it seems as if you are encouraging women to return to the medieval era. The said era may be fascinating, but it was surpassed for a reason. It is time to move on.

To first point out what should be obvious, everyone is wired differently. We all have different likes, dislikes, interests, and hopes. Not everyone is made for the kitchen, or a career in "homemaking". Some people cannot cook to save their lives, while others have a natural talent. And, surprise, surprise; it is sometimes a gender reversal as to whose talents those are. To touch upon your somewhat jaded views of women's rights ... Is it not said many times, throughout different societies and timelines, that everyone is created equal? What is it that suddenly has decided that women are mere tools of the household again? Certainly, women are unique enough to be their own person rather than a man's pet.

Saying that women do not deserve their achievements, things that require hours of sweat and blood regardless of gender, is beyond jaded. An achievement is just that; a goal reached and acknowledged. Anyone may have these, and anyone can succeed in them. However, to quote this line: "This is not to say that women are useless." That implies you feel women are possessions, rather than equals. Again, this relates back to the darker ages of human life. Your next paragraph only makes this sentence appear all the starker.

There are many a women in this world whom are capable of taking care of themselves, in this "harsh men's reality". Some have conquered things that men have not and would not. Others are very capable of putting said men in their place, just as you deem the opposite should apply to women. Wit, words, and even physical actions are just as powerful from women as they are men. If your aspirations for this country were true, a dog would be treated better. It would be glorified servitude. This would be encouraging many domestic problems, to compare women to such a state. Domestic abuse is bad enough as it is; and this would only make it worse. Many people strike their animals when they have not done something to their satisfaction, or deem the action negative. Imagine, if you would, the results. One should be careful what they wish for.

In your fourth paragraph, you continue to go even further on this crusade. It again diminishes a woman to no end, and again degrades them. Woman or man alike, any may have intelligence. Polished or not. Even uneducated women can preform the same tasks as uneducated men. Were this applied, a woman's work force would only increase while uneducated men were sent to the kitchens. However, you imply that women in whole are supposed to be mindless and obedient additions to a man's whim and will. All but deeming the female species as stupid, even.

While the instinct for men to be providers and protectors does indeed exist, it is not to say that they should be the sole dominate ones. Instead, equality is of much importance. But it is sorely neglected.

Moving onto your fifth paragraph, we reach another stereotype of the apparently "ideal" wife. Silent, meek, and without qualms or even questioning her position. There is more to life than that. And women have seen that themselves, without being told so by men. Near the end of that paragraph, you deem a woman's freedom as a useless and menial thing. On sheer hypothetical thought, what would happen if a man's freedom suffered the same way? Our society would be back under chains once more, everyone afraid to speak their mind and make advances into the world. A person's happiness is also naught to trifle with. It is just as important as their life, if only in a different way. Everyone seeks joy. Would you deny the female species of that right? It seems the "expense" you speak of, is only on the views of a select few people. Anyone can take up the role of cooking a nice hot meal, if it would satisfy.

As for the last section of this essay, I would be inclined to kindly disagree. Many have aspirations beyond a steaming stove, and I fail to see what freedom you speak of. What is there, in that station? Combined with everything said thus far, there is little more than a dreary life of being a servant. Expected to be at beck and call at the slightest whim and shown about as a trophy, but ignored and foisted away whenever the thought strikes. There is little "dignity" or "integrity" in that, I believe.

From this logical view point, taking into account that as a sole reviewer I am not the only one that would think this way and that the emotions of women are just as important as men, I present to you a counter-essay. My views are hardly feminist, but I believe in equality. Please do read and consider.

I do apologize for picking apart your essay piece by piece, but there are some things that just cannot be passed by.


The Obstinate Woman.
amegakorobu chapter 1 . 5/5/2010
Good gods, I really hope this is a joke.

Women belong in the kitchen? Get real! A good lot of us can't cook to save our lives. And not all women have the maternal instinct...look at Hillary Clinton...she's as stone cold as they come.

Yeah, I'm gonna regard this whole thing as a joke. I think most other people will too.