Reviews for The Long Ride of the Van Wessel Gang
paulmolive222 chapter 1 . 4/26/2021
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Jave Harron chapter 3 . 5/21/2010
Pretty cool chapter here. We see some delightful, even worse villains than the Van Wessel gang. There's potential for a fun villain, and some trips to elsewhere. A noble robber is always a fun character for the west.
dreamshell chapter 3 . 5/20/2010
This was a fun chapter. Sanctum sounded like a pretty interesting setting, but you only gave a taste of it. As villians, the Mayor worked just fine, Mad Dog a little less so. It's not that his character is unreasonable, but it was made a little too blunt in the beginning. Nero came off a little uncharacteristically foolish here to me, but only a little.

Some other things I enjoyed were the increased inclusion of Kilpatrick (aside from Nero and Slugg, I think he probably gets some of the best lines) into the storyline and the action, such as with the Black Band gang, the bank robbery, and the "biggest goddamn Mexican standoff" ever as well as the cavalry onslaught. I also liked the attention given to Nero's moral dilemma in regards to dragging Claudius around and the hints at the brothers' backstory.
dreamshell chapter 2 . 5/10/2010
This was a pretty good chapter. Good stuff on San Francisco and Chinatown, good character dynamics again (and more use of Kilpatrick), and a well-handled moral dilemma.

I only wish the fight between Nero and the Jade Dragon mooks had been drawn out a little more, such as with Two-Dollar Tracy (whose anticlimactic death I can actually kind of understand) and especially with Bloody Axe, who I was expecting more badassery from. The whole scene lacked a real sense of peril before Sang’s men got ahold of Nero (which was sort of late in the fight), though I did like the nod to the Death of a Thousand Cuts.

I also wondered about Donaldina Cameron/Lo Mo, but after finding out she was a real person, I thought it was an interesting cameo.
Jave Harron chapter 2 . 5/8/2010
Awesome chapter here! I liked Bee's role in the heist, the nasty, nasty gangsters, and all sorts of the nasty sorts. Nelly seems interesting, and a certain villain may come back to bother them. Is the name of Nell a homage to a certain book by Neal Stephenson? Looking forward to the next chapters!
Zegram chapter 1 . 5/2/2010
As always, a very fun read. As I said before the Van Wessels were a pretty interesting bunch and now they have a gang. I'd like for Kilpatrick to have more of a voice, 'cause the Irish rule. You should have him go complete Boondock Saints sometime. Lol. I gotta say I was surprised to see a lack of supernatural critters this time around but the story still worked.

The other two reviews here kinda hit what I was thinking on the head, regarding the characters and whatnot. One thing that really got me was how you said Slim took a bullet too the knee and then that was that. It wasn't mentioned anywhere else later on in the story and the man apparently went for a swim, a hike, and possibly a mountain climb without much discomfort. I get that the guy is a touch outlaw type and all but no one is that tough. I suppose I could've missed something, though.

Looking forward to seeing more of the Van Wessels, been a while since I've really gotten into stories like these.
dreamshell chapter 1 . 5/2/2010
More really great descriptions from you here, though you might want to work just a bit more on revealing physical features organically (then again, there's only so much one can do with that, isn't there?).

The cast here is fresh and fun, with my personal favorites being Slugg and Torrent. I know this is only the first chapter, but Kilpatrick definitely needs some more personality later on. Aside from the exposition about him, he’s little else than a foil to Slim. As for Claudius, I concur with Jave; find a way to individualize him from the other versions of the archetype.

This was a strong start; good pacing, a plot that's rich and intricate but not convoluted, and good character-establishing moments. I'm happy to read about the Van Wessel Gang again (last time I saw them was Hell on Rails) and I hope to continue doing so.
Jave Harron chapter 1 . 5/1/2010
Okay, I like the premise for this new series and the cast. Nero, the sharpshooter, and Slugg are all pretty distinct, as well as Torrent. I'm personally sad Model X isn't appearing, but I do like how Claudius has some personality. I'm hoping to see him develop in a unique way compared to many of his "peers" or similar cast. Give us some more reasons to care about the character. Now, you're off to a decent start, and hoping you can keep it up!