Reviews for Chaos Reunition
raesi01 chapter 1 . 1/13/2022
Hi, I like your novel and I wanna give you an offer that related to your work. Would you mind give me your email to discuss the details further?
SailorPikaAngel chapter 21 . 12/28/2016
I am so excited to read through VI's adventures! I loved that you addressed that something MAJORhapprned when Edward bit Vi after removing Xion's influence. I was a bit surprise that is created a blood marriage. For Vi, who does not consider herself feminine and can be a bit dense regarding her attractiveness to others, it is refreshing to see others being drawn to her. I am really enjoying the interactions between her and Caden. He is intrigued by her and I am really amused by how much she is trying to deny her attraction to him. Although I am totally rooting for her because I LOVE that she can knock guys off a few pegs and show them who is bods. However it seems the world is going a bit crazy- her powers is going wacky as she is flaring, her blood bond with Edward is something that she doesn't want to deal with except to break it (poor Edward), she is trying to help Leon and the alpha challenge by loooing into shifter children, and then her bring drawn to Caden. It is also interesting to see that her cat is really attracted to Caden (btw- how come she couldn't shift during the first challenge when she set someone on fire?). Now axiom is back in the picture and that is definitely not good! I hope the next chapter she can kick some more butt and hopefully some more interactions with Caden and Edward!
Kattya chapter 22 . 8/28/2016
I have waited for you to update this story going on like 2 years now and I was so excited to see an update. And its ok, because I know that some things have to be put on the back burner because there are so many more important things to deal with. And not everything follows a timeline. I'm a senior in college and it sucks and I am just now learning that not everyone/everything will be done in the time frame everyone specifies. So really, what I am saying is this: do you before anything else and your trusty followers will still be here waiting for the next update because this is one hell of a great story! I haven't really been on fiction press in like a proper year, but know that I just got back on for your update:)
slcjnk2008 chapter 6 . 8/28/2016
This is so exciting. I want more and thanks to you I do so please keep writing. I want to know more about Edward and Vi and their "sangria amore" bond. Great chapter. - Shelley
slcjnk2008 chapter 21 . 8/28/2016
This is action and excitement at its best. I'm happy for you that you're now working a more regular schedule with weekends off. Maybe now you'll have more time for your artistic endeavors. - Shelley
slcjnk2008 chapter 20 . 8/28/2016
God I'm scared for her. She's not indestructible, but she sure does have courage. I can see why Jack gets so upset with her. So it's on to the next chapter.
And I do hope you are O.K. and taking it easy. So sorry you lost all your research and notes when you reset your computer. Ouch, I feel for you. - Shelley
bridgettblah chapter 22 . 8/28/2016
WOOO. Just reread sweet miseria, and this. Am now v excited to see you update again.
slcjnk2008 chapter 19 . 8/28/2016
Please try not to burn yourself out. Kudos to you for working those long hours as you do and be as creative as you are, but I'd rather wait longer for your series than have you burn out from exhaustion. Take care of yourself first and hopefully the rest will fall into place for you.
Having said all that, this was another great chapter. One step closer to finding the children. - Shelley
slcjnk2008 chapter 18 . 8/27/2016
Now what's she getting herself into with Caden? And why can't Jinx shift anymore? - Shelley
slcjnk2008 chapter 17 . 8/27/2016
I love Edward and Vi as a couple. I wish they could be together. Anyway, this chapter was exciting and I hope she gets her questions answered in the next chapter. - Shelley
slcjnk2008 chapter 16 . 8/27/2016
Drat! She didn't get the sniper, but I'm so glad Edward showed up to take care of her. - Shelley
slcjnk2008 chapter 15 . 8/27/2016
Now what's after her? Yay for next chapter. I like Edward and I'm happy to see him back next chapter with sassy Vi. - Shelley
slcjnk2008 chapter 14 . 8/27/2016
I wonder who the traitor is? - Shelley
slcjnk2008 chapter 13 . 8/27/2016
How is she going to do that in three days? And I really liked their breakfast interaction. - Shelley
slcjnk2008 chapter 12 . 8/27/2016
I like Caden. I hope he doesn't turn out to be a jerk. - Shelley
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