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Eucatastrophe9 chapter 2 . 9/5/2016
Hi there. I've just come across this story and read prologue and ch 1. The concept is captivating since it deals with a woman's honor and self-respect. I love such stories. :) Your story is very good. But there are technical errors a lot that make it distracting to focus on the write up. Otherwise, the story is very enjoyable. :)
Guest chapter 17 . 5/24/2016
Whoops. Damian** not Damien. Sorry for the earlier typo on my review.
Guest chapter 17 . 5/24/2016
Finally! I'm so happy to see them getting along for real. I don't think you've mucked up the characters. I've been reading your story for the past two days and I think it's been done quite nicely. Delilah has more backbone than before and she seems more resigned to her fate at being pestered by Damien. While Damien's change in tactics concerning Delilah does seem a little sudden, it's not really unbelievable given his stubborn nature (the don't tell me what to do attitude) and her help with his father's health. They do seem like they are becoming friends of some sort.
Diving in chapter 12 . 3/1/2016
In which year is this exactly?
BooksRcandy chapter 1 . 11/15/2015
I found it... finally. Thanks I discovered wattpad because of you.
BooksRcandy chapter 1 . 11/15/2015
I'm having trouble finding this story on wattpad. Could you please give your authors' name?
Nidchat chapter 29 . 4/19/2015
lovely... finally Damian and Delilah were engaged :)))
Worst Person chapter 13 . 4/2/2015
Beatrix was mg favorite until this chapter
gyoung chapter 29 . 10/13/2014
Loved it. I actually want to cry because it has come to an end, but cry in a good way. I also liked the idea of getting snippets of Damian and Delilah's relationship. Closing with the wedding ceremony is too clichè, right? It is a good idea that a writer-in-the-making should try out in the near future (meaning I would like to explore this idea instead of an epilogue about the couple getting married...)
gyoung chapter 17 . 10/13/2014
I really thought he was going to turn over the boat!
By the way, this is my first review. Sorry for not saying anything before.
I enjoy your style of writing so much. This story is well-written and it has some humor going on which definitely adds to the greatness of the plot. I am happy to have found this story; in the past I did not like reading plots in which the male protagonist is a jerk, but now I do like it.
Also, I had some questions about the setting of the story. Is there an specific area or country in which you imagine it happens? Or is made up? And, in what period does the story take place? I am quite curious about the clothes the people wear.
Julietish chapter 1 . 8/31/2014
Hi! It's Juliet from A Drop of Romeo. When your story was featured on ADoR, a judge wrote this review for it: Without even meeting her, Damien rejects the girl his mother picked to be his bride based upon the superficial rumours and gossip of the court. The girl, Delilah, hears every word and is heartbroken charmed by the stories and pictures of the dashing Crown Prince. When they meet again three years later he is intrigued by her as she ignores him.

What makes this story stand out in particular to me is that Prince Damien is far from the usual dashing Prince and has some genuinely dislikeable traits – he’s arrogant, aggressive, bitter, jealous and disrespectful. Despite that, he does have redeeming qualities such as his loyalty and protectiveness and as the story goes on, it is interesting to see his character change for the better as he slowly learns to recognise the goodness in Delilah that he lacks and is humbled somewhat.

Delilah herself is not a headstrong character by any means, but she strengthens as the story progresses. She is a victim of the superficial society and though she tries to keep up appearances, largely for her younger cousin’s sake, has resigned herself to being unpopular and a spinster. In a way, she is the most frustrating character, as she fails to see the good in most people, or indeed, in herself.

The rest of the characters support Rejected well; particularly Cecilia, Delilah’s younger cousin, whose dynamism brings some colour to our world weary heroine and Lady Beatrice who finally does some justice to the typically antagonistic role of the Prince’s former flame. My main criticism of a character would be the antagonist(s) – they feel too predictable and a little cartoonish.

Despite not being set in any particular time nor place, WaitingForTheEnd has depicted court life in an accurate manner – the frivolity and ceremony intermixed with rumour, intrigue and good old fashioned cattiness.

The story moves at a good pace for the unfolding relationship between Damien and Delilah, however the grammar suffers a little in places, not to a truly distracting level; merely a few dropped words, awkward sentences and the odd error in punctuation.

The generally serious tone of the plot is offset by some touching and light-hearted moments, including the particularly lovable drabbles WaitingForTheEnd continues to publish in place of the traditional epilogue. Thought-provoking at times, if you’re looking for a light-hearted story, Rejected isn’t it, but on the whole, it is an excellent read.
my princess ending chapter 28 . 8/29/2014
I read this story for the first time probably...a year or two ago? I'm not sure but it's been a while. I loved it so much that Damian and Delilah sometimes would never leave my thoughts. I've recently started to reread it and I was wondering what kinds of reviews I left you so I checked. I was shocked to find that I left you one review at the end of the story that just said that I loved it or something along the lines of that. I believe I owe you a better and more heart felt review.

This story is one of my favorite stories of all time, not just on fictionpress. I adore the way you write and I absolutely adore the way you say that your characters write their dialogue themselves. I can see it happening because the characters in this story have such defined and lovable personalities. The amount of time and dedication you spent, planning this plot amazes me. The small things Delilah did that made Damian start to fall in love with her made me fall in love with her too!

When I think about Rejected, small little snippets of lines that were said replay in my mind. For example, when he bowed down to Delilah at the bonfire, his hair covered his face. Or when Delilah thought about how she can never reject him again, ever. These things just stick in my mind and my heart swells and I get chest pains just thinking about it because they are perfect in my eyes. Oh, and please update Cecilia's story soon when you have time. I know you're busy but I'll never lose faith and give up on you before I die!
embu800 chapter 27 . 6/10/2014
This is great! I really like it.
MusicGurl8129 chapter 16 . 3/8/2014
I'm loving this Story ;)
It has a lovely plot!
MusicGurl8129 chapter 11 . 3/8/2014
Haha, I love that she fell the water and started laughing :D
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