Reviews for RearView
phosphenes chapter 1 . 7/5/2010
Very affective. Especially loved the last line.
K. Chance chapter 1 . 5/22/2010
That's a very interesting poem!

What really struck me was the use of pronouns in the different stanzas.

First, we begin with the speaker, using the 1st person pronoun 'I'.

Then, we switch to 'you', as the speaker starts to address another person directly.

But what's really interesting is the use of 'us' in the third stanza, as if by using 'you' in the second stanza, the speaker had tried to go and take back that person with her, resulting in the 'we' of the third stanza.

Yet, as you said, 'life doesn't hav button', so it's impossible to go back in time, so that things can be as they were before, that is, the 'you and I' being together, a forming a 'we/us'. Being together in other words. But if we look at the last line, we find that 'you' and 'my (I)' can be found in the same line... so does that mean the two persons finally managed to be reunited nonetheless?

My guess as regards the meaning of this poem would be that the speaker wants things to be as they were before with 'you' (I want to start us over again). The speaker talks about the 'you', who is also trying to make things go back to how they were before, but things are not going too well ('you're searching for the wrong thing').

The third stanza illustrates both persons' attempts at looking back at the past, in order to know what they had done wrong, so they can correct their mistakes of the past, in order to 'start this over again'.

The final stanzas is kind of ambiguous, in my opinion. The first line seems to imply it's impossible to do what they've been trying to do during the whole poem. Then again, I think one could also argue that in doing so, they nevertheless achieved something. 'You and I' are finally both on the same line, together, and their fruitless attempts to makes things go back as they were before sort of reunited them once more, bound them together once more.

I hope my reading isn't too far-fetched, that you're not wondering under what substance I was under the influence of when I read and reviewed this poem xD

Anyway, that was a really nice poem! I enjoyed reading it and commenting it a great deal :)

I'll be sure to check your other poems in the future.
forget-me-nots chapter 1 . 5/11/2010
Lovely last line.