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bengalimusli chapter 31 . 7/12/2014
shy and Nancy. just saying : )
paxmia chapter 31 . 1/20/2014
So here I am, reviewing this about three years after the epilogue was released. Wow, does this brings back memories. For the last week or so, I came back to fictionpress and re-read the series, from Scarfy to Tests. I don't think I ever really understood the complexities of your characters when I was younger, and to be honest, I still don't. But I still love these stories. I love the way each of your chapters deals with something different, that you weren't afraid to create the sub-plots that developed your characters. In Steps, all of the characters grow. They are dynamic, not static, figures in this well-thought out plot of yours, and each trial they face is another facet on their character. I still maintain my anger at the characters I used to "hate" when I was younger, but I can relate to them better, and I know that now. If Neel was the "perfect" mother, would I have really empathized with Leeloo as I did? I wonder over these questions a lot, and now I realize that I would not have been able to.

I'll get to the point. What you provide in these stories, is the chance for a person to connect with your main character on many different levels. Her endless patience amazes readers, her faith shocks them, but her pride reveals that she contains many of the same flaws as the reader. What you provide, Lily, is the chance for a person to experience your story as their own, and for that, you deserve all the credit and blessings in the world.

Thanks for the stories,
-you can message me now, paxmia
SylvesterTheCat chapter 31 . 7/23/2011
Again, I'm amazed by your brilliance. It was great really.

I get that Khalila's knot is tied and everything but surely you aren't going to leave Nancy and Sami like that are you?

Oh, and also, I remember a few chapters back when Khalila had tried to shake the hand of a man. I understood the deeper meaning to it...

I'm sorry for the shortness of the review but I cannot really express how much I love this story and how sad I am that it is finished without crying. :'(

Hope to see more of your work!
natmarie chapter 31 . 7/14/2011
I can't believe this is over, well for now at least. The image of Kal all cute and pregnant and Adam being a beaming father makes my heart happy and anxious on what will happen if and when you do continue this.

Great descriptition and witty dialogue as usual. You have a knack for tying things up and everything just seems to fit into place. The characters seems very consistant and it has been awesome getting to know them.

Watch for some long and wordy sentences that can confuse the reader. You might be able to rearrange or streamline them.

-I really should have known that already but my aversion to them on previous shoots has led to my might just be me and the fact there is no comma (which I put in too much anyways) or the big words.

-(Plus my being pregnant sparks more sympathy and kindness THAN I really need.)

Another long one

-"While I appreciate our leads are two beautiful women, 'hotties' isn't the word that is most appropriate, particularly when considering the theme of the movie, don't you think, Jay?" Shy continues in his illustrious charisma.

You could just say: "I appreciate that we have to beautiful leads, but 'hotties' isn't the appropriate word when you consider the theme of the movie. Don't you think, Jay?"

While there is a ton of good description, there are a few places you might be able to tuck in more. Make sure what you say has a reason, you know...or you don't leave your readers hanging. If that makes sense? For example, you mention she finds things wrong with the set, but never tell us what they are (if you think it gets to technical fine, but her attention to detail is part of her character and could also add to the goofs that seem to be going on on Jay's part)If you don't tell us a little more, why mention it at all? I hope that makes sense.

Adorable Shy and the talk of baby. In the US we spell it Fetus, but I'm sure you know how to spell it. Just thought I'd mention it.

The ending bit and name talk is cute, wish there had been some Adam in it, but good as is too.
coldsteel77 chapter 31 . 7/13/2011
nice update.

when are you gonna dish up a happy ending for nancy?
asianinvasion0530 chapter 31 . 7/12/2011
Hooray it's a girl!

Well I'm glad everyone got a happy ending. ]
Mia. U Kno Me chapter 30 . 6/13/2011

*GLOMP* T_T I missed you so muchhhhh! I'm never getting updates... weird...

AHAHHAHHA I KNEW SHE WAS PREGNANT! DID I TELL YOU OR DID I TELL YOU? ;) I didn't tell you about Maysoon. Geez, such a shocker :'( poor Kali. I wish she had blown up more. I think they need to talk but have May all snarky like Lara (was?). Plus, el EPILOGUE!



p.s- i changed my name. look up azulineskies13 kay? :)
Fatal93 chapter 1 . 3/16/2011
You were right, definitely thought provoking. Inshallah it had/has

the same effect on your others readers as it did to me.
Klebs chapter 30 . 3/10/2011

Its finally finished!

I love the ending and her finally getting pregnant

and how everything worked out in the end!

Maysoon sure was a serpent though :/

Did NOT expect that AT ALL!

I liked that twist :)

Khalila finally gets her happy ending!

Thanks for finished the story, really makes you

think about life :)

Can't wait for your next big project :D
Fatal93 chapter 30 . 3/10/2011

Read SitM. Loved it my a bit of my own life. I laughed so much my sister started to make fun of it(my laugh). Can't wait to start reading this one.
rollinby chapter 30 . 3/6/2011
Mashallah... i cant find you on FB... i have such a long list of things to say to you!
asianinvasion0530 chapter 30 . 2/28/2011
Yay that was a great ending! ]

Thanks for sharing this thought-provoking story! I hope to see more of Khalila and company soon! ]
asianinvasion0530 chapter 29 . 2/28/2011
Yay! Go Khalila for being the bigger person! ]
SylvesterTheCat chapter 30 . 2/27/2011
This story literally brought a smile to my face. As a young Muslim girl myself, I certainly learned a lot from the complexities of life and what one as a Muslim, and female one at that too, must face.

I love all the characters so much! Khalila and Adam's always makes me believe that maybe there is hope in the world in the world. I love how you made her imperfect, and how realistic she seemed. The way she always learns from her mistakes is so amazing. I couldn't help but grin when Adam was told the news.

I also love how you made her believe in Allah so fully and strongly, in a way it did make my faith in Allah much more solid. I learned so much from this story, I thank you for the genius story and its lessons learned from it.

If I had to pick a favourite character, it'd be Sami. Even though he'd gone through a bit of rough patches, his wise understanding and calm attitude always made me think of him like some type of hero.

I did want to understand what happened to her friend, Amal. I don't think I'd heard of her in the story since she was in the mosque...

Yes, I've been reading this story and waited until you finished this sequel to review. I wanted to praise you for your outstanding skill at writing and pointing out the complexities of life after it all. I must say that the ending brought a tear to my eye.

Alright, I feel as though now I'm just babbling. But I must say one thing! The relationship between Khalila and her mother is obviously strained, but seeing it grow into a different direction since 'Scarfy In The Middle' had made me think a little bit more. In a way, I had thought about how controlling her mother was and compared her to myself. I learned a bit about myself, I want to improve that little flaw about myself.

I also wanted to ask you if you were considering on writing another spiritual type of story, such as this one was?

~ Keep up the great work by the way! :)
fered chapter 30 . 2/27/2011
wow :)

i love it

cannot wait to see what happens, and her mother's reaction!


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