Reviews for Ventures and Investments
dragonflight203 chapter 19 . 1/13
This was one heck of a roller coaster. I suppose it's too much to hope that Tony and Justin would go to couples therapy? As much as I'm happy that they finally got together, I think they could definitely benefit from some counseling. They care for each other, but. well. They have a lengthy history, as you've aptly demonstrated.

I have to admire Tony's determination and dedication, as much as I'm horrified at the lengths he'll go. He had a goal and he worked for it, and found a way around every setback. He does not know how to give up. Now that he has Justin I'm sure he'll care for him, but if Justin every decides to strike off on his own again - well.

As for Justin - poor guy. At one point he might have had had everything, but it was always on a condition he couldn't meet. I think he deserves more credit that at his lowest he still tried to crawl his way upwards. I have to wonder how far he could have got with Plank Talent if Tony hadn't set out to destroy him. I hope the rest of his life is happier.

I love Chris, and like Vincent quite a bit too. In a different world I think Tony might have been happy with either of him. I hope they continue to be his friends.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed this - thanks for posting it.
ImmanenceEnsured chapter 19 . 4/22/2017
This is a great ending.
BuddyBailey chapter 19 . 11/20/2016
I LOVED EVERY WORD OF THIS STORY. Even when i wanted to bitch slap both Justin and Tony i still enjoyed it. Amazing fic!
Meid chapter 1 . 9/18/2016
I love how unusual/unique your characters are. Especially Justin; he is not the usual protagonist you would expect in a romance story but that makes me love him even more.

I easily get emotional and I really cried fountains reading your story. Thank you for that :3
Meid chapter 19 . 9/18/2016
I fucking love this story. Thank you so much for sharing this. Even though I cried so much with Justin, I'm still glad that he and Tony didn't abandoned each other. Also I'm really glad Chris and Justin stayed in good terms. x333
randym chapter 19 . 2/4/2016
I'm not sure what I think of this; it doesn't seem like the end.
PolarPurple chapter 19 . 8/6/2015
It's 2 minutes to 1 am in the morning and this is the second time I read this fic. ok forgive me now im gonna drop all proper capitalization and punctuation coz im on my phone and sleepy

when i first read this fic i was like awww i love this story and yeah but rlly the first time i dont think i was rlly reading. now for the second time that ive come to read this with more keen perception i realize that this story is kind of fucked up lol. i mean, i love the way you write. very heart wrenching and sometimes a tear comes out my eye and im like wow body im not THAT sad. but it just rlly is the relationship between tony and justin that kind of irked me a bit? like tony was just super manipulative and yes justin was a brat growing up but it's like, whoa, yeah justin needs a lesson but tony's pushing it. anyway it was hard for me to fully support the two of them. when tony kinda realized that he sucks at communication im like fuck yeaaaa pls fix ur problems bro. but idk justin and tony's relationship (justony. lol) still seemed off to me. here is what i wanna say - i really dont think their relationship is healthy, which is why i don't fully support it. but i do admire the way you portray your own characters. tony is not my favorite character but i love the way you write him. justin is conflicting coz its like ehhh he kinda deserves the shit he gets but at the same time he doesnt? but i love him regardless. I enjoyed reading chris's descent to justony's mess.

in essence, even tho this story is kind of messed up, i really liked it. it felt... very perfectly flawed to me. like nothing was sugarcoated and it was realistic and emotional and human... you're a good writer and i enjoyed reading this.

ok bye
Shiro Bondevik chapter 1 . 4/20/2015
And here I thought that I have read all wonderful slash fics here on FP. You have proven me wrong and I am so glad that I have ventured here again after a year. I love how the lack of full smut still made this a pleasing read (I'm not saying that slash stories are only pleasing with the presence of smut within it but stories of this kind of aura, for the lack of a better term, seemed to always be filled by it) Justin (and his misery) is adorable of some sort. I am also glad that Chris did not end up being a third wheel or even Vincent. I was kind of under the impression that Edna would have some kind of bigger role but hey, the story worked well without much of her so it's fine. Kudos!
isolovesj chapter 19 . 3/13/2015
Wow! That was fun to read. Especially the ending was so cute and sweet. I just really hated it when people treated Justine like trash. But I'm glad he and Toni are finally together now, a new start with a healthy relationship this time. And oh, Chris.. I can see a future between him and Vincent! I hope there would be a sequel with these two pups together. Even just a oneshot. :D Great story!
aynaarah chapter 19 . 12/6/2014
Your talent is flourishing in this story as well.. clean-cut, organized.. no loose ends.. you skilfully weaved throughout the plot..

However, from time to time, the writing made me think of a slow-long tease due to unresolved sexual tension.. ..and maybe because I was imagining it will be a slave contract along the way.. (don't ask me why) ..but smooth, characters are consistent, are developing too.. .. good imo..

..some things, many things felt real.. I esp enjoyed the scene when Justin finds the notice on the office door from T. .. for me your story is worth reading only for that scene..(10x)

.. the psychological examples levelheaded/moderately sick?/.. we have a guy that cares to actually go for professional help "he has to fix things" the reader feels he gets a serious opinion as well (10x).. &revelation ..oh! how small things can make you go blind a long way..

AND in the end, most importantly, the itchy need for the characters to speak and stand for themselves solves itself one way or another..

Thank you for your story!
Clazziquai Project chapter 19 . 8/28/2014
YESSSSSSSS. Even though sometimes, Tony's behavior is inappropriate and questionable, I still was rooting for him the whole time! And Justin... He started out so unlikeable, I nearly quit the story, but I'm glad I stuck with it. What a journey it was!
PET chapter 19 . 7/19/2014
It was exhausting to read, too.
When I got the alert of chapter 19, I didn't immediately read it. I mean, I JUST read it. It took me more than six months to make my wimpy self ready to read this last chapter. Well, I didn't know this would be the last. If I knew, I would immediately read it...because I was scared, my heart was too weak to find out whether or not Tony was genuine.
I'm glad I had decided to find out. I wouldn't know this would be the last otherwise.
About the ending, I was relieved, but not quite satisfied. Um...I want to see the reactions of Tony's employees about their relationship progress. Some PDA would be nice, haha.
Anyway, thank you for sharing this story. :)
A Round of Artificiality chapter 15 . 6/29/2014
And Tony is completely unhinged. I think Justin's negative emotions towards him just keep feeding this darker side of Tony (which had taken over). It's really depressing to think he was so sweet before but, at the same time, I'm starting to doubt it was all there was about him. That part when the guy at the club (in the flashback) had been completely scared by whatever expression/look/glare Tony had on was pretty alarming, especially when Justin turned and he saw a different expression on Tony's face. Maybe he was always messed up and Justin brought out a different part of him. Or...he was normal and Justin brought out his worst in him (possessiveness, obsession).

That's some food for thought.
A Round of Artificiality chapter 10 . 6/29/2014
I'm honestly surprised that Chris thinks that Tony isn't aware that he's (not was) in love with Justin. If you feel this strongly about someone, I'm sure you'd be able to at least acknowledge/recognize it. Why am behaving like this? That's what a person would ask himself. Hmm, I hope the continuation of the convo reveals more.

Another thing I'm surprised at is the idea that Justin knew. That totally negates a lot of the my opinions about him. I was thinking, he really must be thick or un-confident if he could recognize Tony's feelings towards him. I assumed he didn't know. But the fact that he was aware of Tony's feelings puts his betrayal in a whole different context. He knew the guy loved him and was sincere about him but he still screwed him over. I'm not sure much could redeem him now.

And Daddy Plank did give Tony the benefit of the doubt but whaddayaknow, Tony claimed to be the source of the leak to protect Justin. Man, the drama.

LOL. I'm enjoying this so far and I can't wait to be surprised even more.
A Round of Artificiality chapter 9 . 6/29/2014
Hey I'm really loving this story because it's pretty fleshed out and I totally sympathize with both Tony and Justin.

What I really liked was how we gradually came to learn about the reason for Tony's deep hatred and nothing was ever spelled out until just a couple of chapters earlier. I picked up on this vibe from Tony that told me that he both loved and hated Justin and, man, that's a lot of intensity to take in. It was a little crazy to think of him hurting Justin to the point of tears and then, as though he can't help himself, gives him a hug or tries to make him feel better. I could feel the two combating emotions within Tony those instances.

The thing is, Justin does come across as a guy without pride or anything but my heart just goes out to him. I know what having low self-esteem means and how being around someone like Tony must have felt, so I can understand the way he acted (he had some serious Daddy issues as well). As if he wasn't lacking in confidence before, when his dad cut off his money, he lost all the "friends" he kept around. They were clearly around him because of his dad and never because of him. Perhaps no matter how sincere Tony treated him back then, Justin would have never saw it as it was.

Still, what Justin did was low (getting Tony fired and all shamefully) and I really don't want to get to that part of the flashbacks but I'm sensing it's coming soon. And, God-him whoring himself to anybody just shocked me. How desperate he must have been for his father's recognition to stoop so low...? It's also cruel, in a way. His father forced him into the whole talent agent thing when he never wanted any of it and then just told him to be the secretary of the guy his father treated like his real son. Ouch. That's just messed up.

I almost always leave long reviews but I could honestly write an essay on Tony and Justin's personalities. They're that real. So kudos for writing such three-dimensional characters.

However, I'm not really sensing any reciprocated feelings on Justin's part. Maybe it's because Justin's thoughts tend to center around his inferior complex but there should be at least something when we're half-way through the story. Justin's sort of 'ambiguity' when it comes to his feelings towards Tony only stand out more in comparison to Tony's intensity. So does Justin only feels envy and hatred towards the guy or what?

Another thing, the eye color keeps changing. This might seem like a tiny issue but it disrupts the flow of the story because I don't know how to imagine the two characters. Does Tony have icy blue, green, or blue-green eyes? Does Justin have green or brown eyes? You keep alternating colors so much I started making a tally XD So yeah, very distracting for an OCD person like me.

Okay, review over.
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