Reviews for The Night Crew
Fantomu Tenshi chapter 13 . 8/20/2013
I really like your story so far, it's an interesting take on vampiric societies and origins. I plan to read on until the end, an then the sequel after that!
Nyx'sReincarnation chapter 43 . 6/1/2012
Amazing story! The end is really sad, but it's nice to read a story with a sad ending once in a while.

I'm actually blind myself, and I think it's cool how you described her other senses. It sounds kind of strange, but I've tried to describe how I can sense things for years now, and you did it better than I could ever do. LOL

I just have a question; why did Nominah become a slave?

I also noticed that you used "said" a lot. You may want to use other words like "declared" or "responded". Also, when the people of the NC were introducing themselves to the FE, you don't have to write "I'm -." - said. If you just wrote "I'm -.", it should be obvious that that person was the one to say their name.

Sorry... I get picky about things like that sometimes... They didn't take away from the story much though, and I really enjoyed it! It took me three days to get through!

Keep up the great work!

Tarah xXx
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