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Guest chapter 46 . 8/14/2012
ok, this is a critique not an insult.

You NEED a Beta! Your grammar is awful and the first 10-14 chps. are too choppy. That being said, you have the makings of a decent story. The characters are pretty well rounded and the plot/story line is also decent. But the misspellings and abrupt change in POV's interfers with the 'flow' of your work. If you can find someone to edit your future pieces, you'll make a great writer. GOOD LUCK!

P.S. If you already have a Beta, get rid of them! NOW! They're not helping you in any way, shape or form.
Love in All Forms chapter 46 . 7/19/2012
Great story! I loved it and I am happy. You gave a happy ending
thedevionist chapter 46 . 9/22/2011
HE'S ALIVE! YES!...*cough* sorry, little over-excited. Other than that, what else can I say, great finish to a great story. every minute spent reading this was a good minute...even if i wanted to through my laptop at the wall when zaki "died".

hope to see more from you.

bridgettblah chapter 46 . 9/17/2011
. Oh my god. You dont know ohw fucking relieved I am. Jesus. I was freaking out dude! NEVER DO THAT TO ME AGAIN
Blizzard Rose chapter 46 . 9/17/2011
ZAKI PULLED A HARRY?1? Wow... YESSSSSSSSS! Anyway, glad that they will be happy together until the end of time. So glad you finished this :)

InLoveWithSongs chapter 46 . 9/17/2011
Wow...i seriously didn't expect that.I mean when i saw the ending before the epilogue i was like wow,that sucked cause i HATE it when one of the main characters i read this i was thinking YES it's awesome again! i LOVED the ending :D :) :P
bridgettblah chapter 45 . 9/17/2011
Zaaaakiiiiiii D: *SOB SOB SOB* How could youu? D: I like Thomas though -
Blizzard Rose chapter 45 . 9/17/2011

Congrats on finally bringing a poignant end to a wonderful story. I really enjoyed getting to know Keci and empathizing with her pain and cheering for her in her happiness. Your characters are so wonderful and the reader can really relate to them, a gift I don't think many supernatural authors have. I know some of our beloved characters had to go, but they each had a great impact that would shape the story and although we are saddened by the losses, our heart (and Keci's) will beat on.

I thought this was the best conclusion you could do. You really need to look into publishing this and letting people worldwide discover your talent.

Your faithful reader,

Blizzard Rose chapter 44 . 9/16/2011
awwww... NOOOOOOOOOOO! i love Zaki!. NOOOOO! i cried though.. soooo sad
Blizzard Rose chapter 44 . 9/14/2011

Do. you. have. not. a. heart? I understand that you went for the unexpected kill... and I really like that. It keeps the readers on their toes, always wanting to read on. I've enjoyed reading this story, and I know it's not over yet, but I need to say it.

I know you'll be getting a lot of crap for what happened,but I as sad as it made me, approve. I wish you all the best in any other writing you do :)

Guest chapter 44 . 9/12/2011
Please continue i have read all the way up to this point and was very excited to see what was going to happen in the next chapter and chapters to come.
WolfLover74 chapter 44 . 8/4/2011
Yes I want you to continue, and I am looking forward to reading the revised version of this story.
Nocturnal-Silver-Wolf chapter 44 . 8/3/2011
Wait... So you're going to have to edit the chapters first before posting the ending? But-but shouldn't you finish the story first? I'd probably forget the storyline... Yeah, well, I liked Zaki best (obviously) and I thought that when you said "If you were to tell me a month ago that I would be starved and beaten and then fall in love with the lead singer of Blood Lies..." that this hadn't really gotten anything to do with the lead singer, as in you didn't really emphasize in the story that he was the lead singer she had seen years before. Actually, I had completely forgotten about that. It would be cool if Zaki actually offered to sing for her, since she loves - or at least used to love - that band, since he's her lumos... :D
thedevionist chapter 44 . 7/30/2011

alright, sorry, got that out of my system now.

first off, i understand why you want to go back and edit it. I would be lying if I said i didn't have to go back and read some parts again for clarification, and this is something you'll want to fix if your trying to get it published. But that aside, THIS STORY IS #$%ING AMAZING.

Second, the sneak peek just makes me want to read the last chapters even more...AND I DIDN"T THINK THAT WAS POSSIBLE!

so obviously, my answer is, yes, for the love of Luna, CONTINUE THIS! a sequel would be awesome as well. and i swear to God, if I have to become a creepy stalker person who reviews anonamously just to get fifteen reviews, I will.

when (Not if, WHEN) you get this thing published, I'm buying a copy.

...that is all

bridgettblah chapter 44 . 7/30/2011
YES, keep on writing this. Im begging you. Seriously. No joke. Do it. And if you make the cake, you have to take a picture. I WANT PROOF. Teehee.
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