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wittylass13 chapter 11 . 9/20/2011
This seemed like a little bit of filler before something good happens. Crotchety Ethan is pretty hilarious and I like all his old fashioned curses, also love Brogan the leprechaun.

What I don't love is the delayed feelings talk that Noah and Izzy have. Really bro? You've loved her for 4 years and only make a move when the devastatingly handsome mysterious man tries. I don't really enjoy love triangles and this one doesn't have an interesting spin on it. It's either the best friend or the mysterious man with a dark past. I mean don't get me wrong I really do like your story its just that I wish there were more action type of sequences instead of Izzy being whisked around all confused about her feelings and such
wittylass13 chapter 10 . 9/20/2011
I must say this is one of your more well written one, the dialogue and overall pace just flowed better. There wasnt as many awkward segues or anything so props to you. Izzy's revelation that maybe she should be more on top of things was something that was seriously lacking in previous chapters. I understand that something happened that this job was suddenly thrust upon her, but shes been a guardian for 4 years now I would think that she would have been a little better at adapting and understanding certain situations. Just her utter lack of knowledge is kind of irksome. At least she has Mason to help her with research but she should at least be trying to develop her skills more to tackle bigger problems. The thought of a full blown shield on the house didn't occur to her before Ethan mentioned it?

Anyhow the scene with Uriah is pretty awesome. Izzy's character seems to progress more here in this inbetween world. Noah's jealousy is predictable but there needs to either be a talk between them to, the issue just keeps getting bigger and bigger.
wittylass13 chapter 9 . 9/20/2011
Ahh this is my favorite chapter so far. Because it showcases my two favorite characters and Izzy doesn't irritate me as much. Though I still am wondering what her deal is with Uriah, she's quite rude. And it seems logical about what he asks her about being a Guardian for a big city like Chicago since she can't even handle that little wolf. Please explain the whole back story with that, seems like a lot of responsbility that she doesn't seem to know enough about.

The mug was a nice touch, I like all the celtic references much better than the standard vampires that I'm used to read about. Finally, finally we find out what Uriah is and what Ethan looks like. Overall I enjoyed this chapter.
wittylass13 chapter 8 . 9/20/2011
Its weird that Izzy wasn't more concerned about her cut, I mean if some supernatural being bit me I'd be freaked out. I guess she really is that naive.

I wish there was a little more information about the Nexus, there's only been bits and pieces about it so far.
wittylass13 chapter 7 . 9/20/2011
Now we find out that Izzy is 27, though young I'd wish her character was a little bit more mature. Anyhow I don't know why Izzy has such a big problem about Uriah, he doesnt tell her what hes up to and suddenly he's enemy number 1? I wish there was either a more legit reason why she's upset or she'd just avoid him since she turns into a petulant child when she's around him.

There's more talk of her having this immense power, still waiting for the reason why she couldn't just attack the hound. Also if she's been living in the castle for about 4 years wouldnt that mean shes encountered more dangerous things than just those little imps so she'd be more prepared for dangerous situations. She seems pretty incompetent in the face of serious danger.

But there's more Ethan in this chapter who I love. so that's always a good point. Also if her best friend of many years just kisses her half naked and all she can do is ignore it? another ditzy point there. But Uriah's castle sounds fantastic and I like the no nonsense way he deals with her questions, makes him a very enjoyable character.
wittylass13 chapter 6 . 9/20/2011
Finally there's some action and the fact that she was quoting poe makes me like her a little more. The wolf that comes out of nowhere was nice and I like how she got hurt and didn't miraculously go unscathed. Does she not know her powers? They always joke that she could level the city, is it because she was scared that she couldn't use her powers? I haven't read this story in awhile or else I wouldn't ask. But yeah I feel that if she knows she has these powers shouldn't she be training them anyways, with all the patroling she does? Just curious as to what the explanation for that is.

The whole last portion of the chapter was disjointed, was that to capture Izzy's own unconciousness? It was very chaotic and confusing and I wasn't sure if that was done intentionally or not.

Anyhow I continue to enjoy your story
wittylass13 chapter 5 . 9/20/2011
Its nice to see Izzy doing something as normal as shopping but that turns into a hassle when Meg has a vision about death (very spooky line by the way, props) Even though I do love the supernatural elements its good to establish her character out of that.

Its funny that she has all these people that somehow are involved in her world whether they be precogs, psychics, ghosts or empaths seems like she doesnt know any regular people. I like Mason's nerdiness, he really is like Giles. And they are all one step closer to finding on what Uriah is, the absence of power is intriguing, like he's some type of black hole.
wittylass13 chapter 4 . 9/20/2011
Now we have names for what Mason and Noah are a psychic and empath, though I wish there was more of an elaboration on Mason's abilities.

I guess we needed the earlier chapter to establish how much coffee means to Izzy so we could have the perfect set up for the beginning of this one. Again there's that ditziness that radiates from Izzy and I get that's one of her "lovable" characteristics, i suppose the reason that I harp on it so much is that I prefer strong independent women characters. The way she snaps at Uriah at the end also bothers me, because if he was respectful of her privacy why can't she just accept his? It just reads like this big hissy fit, she's only recently beginning to know him and she gets mad that he won't tell her what he is doing here? meh.

But I do very much love his character. There's just so much dark mystery surrounding him and I gotta love a character that has books arranged perfectly in his room. His room is also a nice contrast between the coziness of Mason's, which speaks about their characters.

I do like your story and I hope that my reviews aren't reading as flames. I am just pointing out some things that dont make sense to me because your story has so much potential. Its a nice change from the constant vampires and werewolf that is rampant among this category. And there's just so much intrigue that's been going on in this world your created.
wittylass13 chapter 3 . 9/20/2011
So now we finally get to know what Noah and Uriah are, still waiting on the explanation of what Izzy is. And there's also more delving into the dynamics of the relationship between the three of them. I go back and forth between liking their relationship because its easy and they all tease each other but then there's the feeling that Izzy is just dumb because she doesnt understand the boys. I'm gonna go with liking the dynamic until the jealousy comes into play and they all make stupid mistakes.

Honestly my favorite character is Ethan, he seems to be the most fleshed out (hah! even though he's a ghost) so far uriah has the beginnings of this mysterious creature that I love. And izzy is just reading as too much of a ditz for me to love fully yet.

even though I said the dynamics of the three's relationship irks me I do like that they have this shared past that they can fall back on. Also I really love Mason's room its this perfect combination of new and old and adds more to his character since all we know so far is that he's good looking, an assistant professor, possibly loaded and possibly gay. I like that the feeling that Izzy gets when she walks into his place is relaxed, it seems to suit his personality.
wittylass13 chapter 2 . 9/20/2011
I must say that I love the corny jokes in the beginning and that it establishes this whole routine with the three of them. Mason Mckenzie (not really digging the alliteration there) Noah and Izzy have this quiet understanding that I like but there's the whole cliche going on there, the 2 incredibly hot guys with the semi attractive girl. At least there's enough supernatural elements to distract me from that. So far its not done incredibly well, there's too much cliche with their conversation right now. We have the waitress ignoring Izzy while swooning trying to get the two boys' attention and the flirtiness of Noah to get on the waitress' side while silently apologizing for izzy's lack of social skills without her coffee. It just reads too cliche for me as of now.

oh and this sentence reads really awkward to me "I blinked a few times in confusion, looked from the waitress to Noah. He shrugged, just as confused as I was" I understand that its because their old waitress isnt there and the young waitress is checking out the guys but does Izzy need to be that dumb?

I like Uriah's aura of mysteriousness and how Izzy can never remember his name, but he just goes about his day. no gazing into each others souls just yet, which is nice. It's going a little slow with introducing Noah's and Izzy's powers, and does there need to be that cliff hanger dangling at each chapter? But I guess its needed so that people will turn into the next installment.
wittylass13 chapter 1 . 9/20/2011
This is my second read through of your story, and since you haven't updated in awhile I thought having a shit ton of reviews to sift through would be fun. I don't do much reviewing but I feel that your story needs more.

Anyhow I like how you start the story already in midscene with Izzy trying to get rid of these creatures and the ever helpful Ethan is doing is part by standing around. Really appreciate how there isn't a ton of information given about everything and that it slowly trickles out as we go through the chapter. And can I just say that I love the description of the castle, the winding the staircase the towers, the immensely grand front hall complete with stained glass domes its the type of building that begs for a dark past and secrets. I just find myself drawn to your characters and want to know why they do what they do. Why is Izzy trying to get rid of these daemons, what is this nexus, why does noah know about everything as well. It keeps me wanting more instead of bogging me down with a ton of minute details.

Also I enjoy that she can't seem to remember who her neighbor is, and that she's inexplicably drawn to him. Hopefully (though I know the answer) this doesnt end up in a "I loved you from the moment i saw you and want to have your babies-now!" type of situation
AbsolutelyFunky chapter 13 . 8/14/2011
Just give us bits and pieces of the story! The anticipation is what makes your story so lovely. Besides writing style differs. I love your style. It's what keeps me hooked to this story. Hope to see you update soon.
Chopz chapter 13 . 8/6/2011
Nooooo you should quit this writing group right now! Right now. I mean it!

They are essentially telling you to change everything that I love about this story. I like the fact that you jumped right into the story and characters with little preamble or lengthy descriptions where they weren't needed. It just flowed better that way. And it's definitely the characterisation and world youve created that held me captivated for 13 chapters and made me not mind that the answers were trickling out. This definitely works as a suspense/mytery piece as well as a paranormal romance type.

And can I just say love triangles usually bore me to bits but the realism and maturity with which you've portrayed izzie, Uriah and noah's interactions has actually been entertaining as hell. Than you for continuing to post this -it's a breath of fresh air when this genre is currently suffering from a vampire/werewolf riddled stagnancy. Please update soon.
Miss Bitterbiscuit chapter 4 . 8/1/2011
I misses yous! :( Hope you update soon!
Preposterous chapter 13 . 7/29/2011
This story is simply amazing. I love your characters, complex plot, and unique world. This is like a Harry Potter in the making!

Update soon, please.
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