Reviews for Because I Fell For You
Thundaga.blitz chapter 1 . 7/9/2010
This is so cute.
Damned to heaven chapter 1 . 7/5/2010
That was adorable and funny.
artofjula chapter 1 . 7/2/2010
Aw. This was so cute. :)
Alkali.Alias chapter 1 . 7/1/2010
LOL, cute ending.

I was embarrassed for her at parts, great job!
Juliet chapter 1 . 6/30/2010
Wow, I loved this! Hi, it's Juliet from ADoR (A Drop of Romeo). The one-shot has made it to the site. Congratulations. It's quite the feat. Here's your raving review:

t's a really cute one-shot (like most), and it made me laugh. I'm proud to say that the author had a strong vocabulary. This is from the author who wrote That Stupid Idiot. While it's a short one-shot, it manages to have a fabulous ending.


Becca chapter 1 . 6/30/2010
that was so cute! I loved it, you have an amazing style!
JustWords chapter 1 . 6/28/2010
AWEESOME! xD I had to tell my mom about this one it was so cute xD

this has to be one of the cutest one shots i've read in a while at least :)

great story, keep it up!
WithEveryReason chapter 1 . 6/19/2010
Aw. :)
bouquet of dreams chapter 1 . 6/19/2010
This is hilarious, lol! :D
starlit x sky chapter 1 . 6/18/2010
Aww so cute! Loved the ending! :)
ithinkyourgay chapter 1 . 6/18/2010
haha! clever ending to the story.
fiery lily chapter 1 . 6/16/2010
That was so cute!

I really liked it )
mylifeismine chapter 1 . 6/16/2010
aw, the ending was comical but so cute. haha
sappyromancelvr chapter 1 . 6/16/2010
hahaha. The ending was hilarious. :)
Texas Drought chapter 1 . 6/16/2010
AH, it was JUST lovely and the ending was brilliant.

Thanks loads for writing it.
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