Reviews for An Epic Fantasy
KorakKarnar chapter 1 . 6/22/2010
An excellent bit of writing. No glaring grammatical or spelling errors that leapt out at me, fairly engaging characters, and an interesting story. Well done, I will be reading and hopefully reviewing the other chapters as well.

Oh, there was one error. Right as they meet Skylark, besides the fact half his name is italicised ( I was unsure whether this was intentional or not), the second time you use his name you accidentally spelt it Skylar, leaving off the k.

I find the use of 'ordinary' names like Seth and Sam next to more 'fantastic' ones like Skylark and Shanyese interesting.

When Shanyese refers to Sam as 'a bit sketch,' did you mean sketchy, or is it just alternate-fantasy-world slang version so that it sounds different?

Best part was when Sam yelled "YOU GUYS ARE DOING A BAD JOB!"