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Froggy-One chapter 27 . 6/13/2013
Oh. My. God.
This has been the best story I have read so far! It was wonderful, incredible, fantastic, amazing, interesting, absorbing, catching, and every other possible synonym you can find! I swear it!

During the entire story I felt connected to Devon: his fears, his insecurities, his moments of happines, everything was almost as if I could feel it myself. I do not despise any character; in any case, just a bit mad towards Carson, but I really cannot hate him, after all, he showed how much he cares about Tierney.
Oh, Tierney! I almost felt like crying with him (and with Devon. Especially with Devon!), how stressed he was with his life and his 'perfect' family. I felt bad for both him and Catherine; they did not deserve that :c
And with Parker, it is the same as with most readers: I adore him! He is such a likeable character! Everything about him is refreshing, and I really like characters who have that type of personality. But by far, Parker is one of my favourite characters. Yes, he is.
Sadie, another character I really like. All the pain he had suffered... It is heartbreaking. But at least, he has Parker, and Mirabella and the Rousseau family. Thanks to them, he did not broke down completely. I really hope he will have happier moments.
And finally, Devon. Oh, Devon. I have not encounter an extreme catholic family (or person) like the ones in this story, but I am sure that there are a lot of people like that. I have to be honest: I was disappointed with Skye; I expected more from her. But at the same time, I cannot blame the family, after all, they were all raised up like that. But still, I was kind of hoping for a better ending between them :c

In any case, the story itself was really overwhelming. Sometimes, during the reading, I had to stop and rant a bit about this and that: some actions made, some words said. Until now, I have not read a story which made me react this way. Over all, I am really glad I clicked on this story, and that I read it. You are a really talented writer. Keep up with the good work!

If there is a sequel, I will patiently wait for it!
R.P. Ann chapter 26 . 10/2/2012
So... I re-read Taking Sides and I only have one thing to say: It still is my favorite story in the whole world.

If I were you, I'd publish it as a book. A real book. Because really, you deserve it, this story deserves it. It's simply amazing. I love it and I bet a lot more people do. And I really don't know why it only has 73 reviews, it should have way more, because really, this is great. Though, now that I've re-read it, I've noticed some spelling mistakes and somethings should be more coherent. But with an editor all that doesn't matter, because the editor is in charge of, well, editing.

I love this story. Really. I laughed and cried again while reading it, I found that my hate for Carson is intact and my simpathy for Tierny is still there, and that he reminds me greatly of Draco Malfoy. And that I completely love, adore, Parker. And even though I can sympathize with Devon, because I come from a Catholic family and I am bisexual, I still think he is kind of dumb sometimes. And I really, really, really hate his family, except for his dad, and I want to burn them to the ground because Hollywood, Hollywood lied. [(Sorry, haha couldn't help it, I love that song, (The Burn by Framing Hanley)].
Your writing skills are amazing, maybe your grammar has mistakes but your writing is good, because not all authors can make a reader cry or laugh or hate or love. So great job :).
I love this story and forever will,
and I'll make my gay son (I'm gonna have a gay son) read it.
I know, I'm crazy.

P.D: I couldn't review on the last chappie because I already did Q-Q
Guest chapter 2 . 9/26/2012
Wooh man does that brain washing shit actually happen... my life is so secular. It is weirding me out!
Fumiki chapter 27 . 12/29/2011
This was absolutely incredible! I loved every bit of this story, my attention was MORE than held throughout the entire thing, and I greatly sympathized with Devon, and even Tierney, and I adore Parker. You made all of your characters very real, especially Devon's fears and emotions. It had the detail, the characters, the greatness that makes me want more. Only a talented story writer can put all of those things in a story, and you pulled it off. You were able to deal with the whole Christianity, abuse and a whole whack-load of other issues that actually quite commonly exist in society.

Devon and Parker are such a sweet couple, I adore them. And I always like Devon's dad :P The only character I can't find in me to like (besides Devon's narrow-minded family) is Mirabella. I don't mind Sadie, but I don't know why, I found her very irritating. Maybe it just me. lol. Tierney and Carson left me in wonder. Are they going to be together, or just there for each other as friends? Or are are you going to tell us more about them in the sequel? Ah well, I look forward to it :D

Thank you for writing this story! I really appreciate it!
chocobananacake chapter 27 . 8/22/2011
i loved the story, i could not stop reading. thanx so much for writing it :)
ahappytune chapter 27 . 6/17/2011
This was so sweet! I'm glad I read it instead of revising. I thought you did it really well, because Devon was so conflicted constantly. They're adorable. I might have almost cried a couple of times...
R.P. Ann chapter 27 . 6/7/2011
Hi... at first I didn't even know this was going to be a gay story and I wasn't exactly a fan of it (well yes I was, but I didn't read much) and I started reading and when he meets Parker I instantly knew it was going to be yaoi, and I was going to drop it but something... something told me to continue reading and you know? I'm really thankful of that something. I think I went pass the first chapter because of Parker (couldn't help but fall for him). I'm glad I read your story, seriously, I fell for it. I... I- I'm in a loss of words. I don't know how to explain how amazing this is. And I can't believe there are catholics so extremists, really, all my family is catholic and my cousin is lesbian so what? She believes in God and I do too, I think that homophobic ppl are wrong srly, God acepts any kind of love. Because love is good right? Then how can love be a sin? It's stupid. I really hate homophobic persons... they just get on my nerves. I have a friend that is kinda like that, her uncle is gay she says she's okay with it, but when my other friend and I start talking about gay love and it being so awesome and not a sin (we go to a only girls catholic school) she's all "no, it's wrong they have mental problems because it's not natural" and my friend and I are like "odifjisudfhuodhfguoydhf IT'S LOVE. SO IT'S RIGHT. STFU." Me and my other friend are really open minded, and the homophobic kinda one is supposed to be open minded because she's read lots of psychology books and she wants to be one but it's annoying when she's all like that. I hate ppl that make differences, it doesn't matter if it is because of sexuality, race or diseases, I've never made differences in my life and for that I'm really thankful, I befriend anyone I feel like befriending, you can put me next to someone that doesn't have an arm and I'm going to talk to them like I normally do to other ppl, I won't even point out their arm or look at the absence of it. I'm like that. I never stare at ppl who are "different", cause I don't care...

...Well, going back to your story :] It was amazing, I actually cried in the latest chapters, when Devon run away, when Seth abused Devon, when Parker came to him, when Devon went to his family to make amends and when he broke up with Parker.. I cried all those times. And that's good, you know why? Because that means you are a great writer. Not everyone can make ppl feel the emotions you put in words, it's hard, really hard but you made it. You make me feel angry, happy and sad. You are an amazing writer, really, I'm actually making a friend read your story xD and I already posted the link on fb :D I admire you, you are one of my fave authors in the world. Your story has such a deep meaning, how you made everyone an individual, each one of them with their own problems and life styles. You made it incredible.

I congratulate you. You are awesome. You made me love your story and Parker, and ParkerxDevon. You actually made me dream about them last night. I finished your story today, took me 5 good long hours and they were soooooo worth it. I think this is publishable material. Really. I'd totally buy it if it were a book :] I actually think I'm going to print it, make it a hard cover, a cover and then I'll just put them with the rest of my fave book collection. And when I have my own children I'll make them read your story so they know not to make differences.

Well, I was glued to the screen of my laptop while I read Taking Sides, I was really caught up in the story. I love it and I can't wait for the sequel :]

I have to tell you that I'm your fan. Srly. You are awesome.

Great story, I loved it.

Congratulations, I adore you,

lukas10 chapter 27 . 5/27/2011
i must say this, i don't really know how.. but this is the most amazing, deep and emotional story i have ever read. and i'm pretty much in love with it. you wrote every single character so well, i'm jealous, and i'm still wow... i wanted to cry, to laugh, to comfort every single character :P it's just amazing the hability you have to do this. if you ever publish a book, let me know. i certainly would buy it. :P

oh and now i'm sad, i have been reading this for quite a few days now... like enver stopping, and now it's over! what am i gonna read now?

also the plot is so well develop... you are a genious! i don't know what else to say, just, you are amazing :P and i love you for writting such an amazing story :P


Frenchfries chapter 26 . 5/6/2011
It's ending?

In a way I'm excited because I HAVE TO KNOW what happens to everyone! But then it's over too :(
violet-chi chapter 25 . 4/29/2011
:D Hi there! I missed you! I had to run away for a bit and feed my obsession with Dr. Reid from Criminal Minds (I have a thing for nerds
frenchfries chapter 25 . 4/23/2011
YES! Devon and Parker are back together! I was waiting for SO LONG!
Frenchfries chapter 24 . 4/18/2011
I think I actually cried during this chapter... The picture arriving in the mail I DID NOT expect at all and my mouth literally hung open for a while! If anything that just reinforced my reasoning for not telling my family things!

And as mic as I hated Carson for the picture, I didn't want him to die either! Maybe he will at least apologize to Devon or something...
Doc Grant chapter 24 . 4/17/2011
Interesting and dramatic chapter. Poor Devon. The only one of his family members I actually like is his dad. I'm curious to see what happens with Seth, but I have a feeling Dev's jumped from the frying pan into the fire. I wonder what Parker's reaction will be.

And even though I feel I should, I can't completely bring myself to hate Carson, especially seeing how much he cares about Tierney. You do a great job making all of your characters have some degree to which the reader can sympathize with them. Well, except Grandma Dolly, heh.

Keep up the great work!
Laurlee chapter 24 . 4/16/2011
Hello :)

Wonderful chapter, I've been waiting rather impatiently actually I can't wait to find out the ending! This chapter had me crying a little, but, nevertheless I think it's a really good chapter.
Frenchfries chapter 23 . 4/7/2011
And we continue with major strikes of depression for Devon! I predict that he will show up at Parkers house on Christmas anyways...

Also, is Tierney consisting suicide? I may have read that scene wrong if not...

Update soon!
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