Reviews for president obama notices your ass is unkicked
iTempest chapter 1 . 6/27/2010
Davvn chapter 1 . 6/27/2010
This reads a lot like a McSweeneys article. And I love it. x)

There are a few spelling mistakes here and there ('because I waned to know whose ass to kick', you missed a "t"), and I would've liked your title better had it been capitalized because my knee-jerk reaction is that if something isn't capitalized, it's either not written with any idea of grammar in mind, or it's overly touchy-feely and deeply stale. (Harsh, perhaps, but that's what I've learned.) But overally, nice. Very nice.
scharlie18 chapter 1 . 6/27/2010
This is hilarious. I love this.


"Many have blamed me for the oil spill, and I would like to say that, yes, I am to blame, just like I am responsible for your mother dying of cancer (she caught it from me), your girlfriends and boyfriends breaking up with you (cheated on you with me), and that plastic surgeon who gave you a bad nose job (Hey, I thought you would like it)."

I would say that each of those things Obama is responsible for could be its own sentence.

Or, this:

I read the book 'Oil Spilled by Americans' and on the first page it says, right off the bat, "I have decided not to continue writing this book because I can't find examples of Americans spilling anything. Instead, be sure to read my next book 'Oil Spilled by British People.' It will be eleven thousand pages."

The phrase 'on the first page, right off the bat' implies that the book continues on to say something. Problem is, the quote makes it sound like the book ends right there. Little bit of a paradox you have there. (I think it would be great, however, if the book continued on to be about something trivial, like a history of shoelaces, or a recipe for peanut butter.)

Last thing? Capitalize your title. I almost decided not to read this solely because the title was in all lowercase (and I know there's people out there who won't click on anything where they see simple errors in the title or summary. I am usually one of them).