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Angelxoxo13 chapter 6 . 6/6/2011
I admit this story is not my usual story that I read. So bare w me. :) It will fall in it places later. Normal story easily intrepet but serpant or whatsnot is normally got more thinking. :)
Inu chapter 21 . 6/6/2011
very well done! I don't have anything else to sat about it, really. )
Angelxoxo13 chapter 4 . 6/6/2011
Oh, this Heather is an anomaly then. Neither male or female. Hmmm. Interesting.
Angelxoxo13 chapter 1 . 6/6/2011
Interesting story/chapter starter.
CaBlasch87 chapter 22 . 6/5/2011
i cant believe it..amazing.
Ramar chapter 22 . 6/5/2011
So...if Estelle's the reason why Kuroi wants to get rid of Chris, then if Chris had seen the baby thing as well, he'd never have been easily disposed of...? Or is it because he saw Kuroi and due to this he needed to be killed? Just as Kintra said?

The plot is thickening up so beautifully and I do so love you for it D
ShortcakeMattie chapter 22 . 6/5/2011
Even the food around here made her feel just that much more misplaced.

Edit: Even the food around her made her feel just that much more displaced.

Aw. Poor Heather. :(


"You must follow her. Do not let her out of your sight, not even for a moment. Tell the others too to be on guard at all times. If you see that girl alone, at any time, you must howl to me right away."

"Yes my Queen."

"Yes Mother."


Edit: Only the "Yes, my Queen" part was missing a comma. I added the others to help you figure out which part needed the adjustment.


"But so too are Twister and Flitter," the second regretfully admitted. "Without them the storm outside will rage with abandon."

Edit: "Without them, the storm outside will rage with abandon."

By the Twister and Flitter, are they Lucas and Cero? Or completely different characters? Sorry I forgot.


"What are you talking about?" Kintra looked genuinely confused, "Midi you know I don't keep pets."

Edit: "Midi, you know I don't keep pets."


I don't know if I understand this correctly, but the band around Midori's finger... does it mean she married Heather's father? Or maybe the past Hikaru? Or was she marked somehow?

Does Kuroi think Estelle's Hikaru?

You capture human emotion well in this chapter, especially the pain the characters go through when one of them dies. Or maybe died? I'm still not sure? Maybe Lucas saved him?

I should probably be patient and wait for other chapters to answer my questions... :)

SnoFlake Goddess chapter 22 . 6/5/2011
OMG wtf! I think I hate Midori!

Poor Kintra is so sweet. He so deserves someone else for a wife!

Maybe Heather? They're both sweeter than Kuro you know.

Okay I have a question now! Is Chris alive or what? Did Lucas save him or just avenge him? And if he's alive does this mean we'll get some yummy Lucas/Chris slash? Or even better Lucas/Chris/Cereno!

omgggggggggggggggggggggg i want that!

can I request that?

Midoris so weird. why'd she say kintra only loves Kuro? I mean in kintrasero it's a bit strange, yeah cuz theyre closer in that one, but like that doesnt mean he only loves him.

she doesnt understand anyway. those two were supposed to have sex! you can just tell!

anyway the plot has thickened like they say! It was very good.

I dont want the wedding to happen. I want Midori and Faye to die. Midori cuz shes a bitch and faye because im sure a writer like you has to choose at least one innocent person to die and faye is most expendable.

theres my vote!

See ya!
Crystalynn chapter 11 . 6/4/2011
Holy shit, Heather ACTUALLY does something smart for once!
GemiKnight chapter 2 . 6/1/2011
HI there! So far I have read up to the third chapter and i must say that your story is very descriptive and the details are quite vivid! Keep up the good work :D

However, the storyline itself was quite confusing for me along with the settings. First the character is captured (where is she?) and then we suddenly go back to a time period where she is with her parents (was this a flashback while she was knocked out?) And the introduction of Chris seemed out of place..was he also a flashback/dream? If so, could you please give some sort of indication that it is because the story seems to be bouncing from different perspectives of time.

Again, I LOVE what you have written so far, but just give us a warning that your character is going into a flashback. Keep up the Good Work! :)
Xmidnight.queenX chapter 1 . 6/1/2011
poor girl [ she got kidnapped and now she is a slave i wonder what a pet trainer is? do they train human or something?
CaBlasch87 chapter 21 . 5/30/2011
as always, amazing! loved it
katiegirl101199 chapter 21 . 5/29/2011
Aw, that poor little boy! :(

Was the clue "Curiosity killed the cat?" or is that what Kintra said?

When will Kuro wake up? There's not enough angsty rage without him! ;)

I think I may have to re-read the part about what Faye and Heather were doing- I didn't quite gather it the first time, lol.

Hooray for another lovely chapter!

Keep writing, luv! :)

tvshowobsessed chapter 21 . 5/29/2011
Wow... That was a great chapter! :D

Lol does heather like ALL 3 GUYS? Kintra kuro and chris? Hahahahha that's good... :D

Also... Poor estelle... :/ but is it like... A baby female ruby weapon? That's pretty cool... Except for the part where kuroi swallowed it :O

And thanks for the pronounciation stuff! :) never read a manga before... But I've heard good things... Lol

And OMG THANK U! :D for the beginning thingy! :) that made me so happy... :)
Ramar chapter 21 . 5/29/2011
I had to log out again because of some errors...which I don't get sometimes coz I didn't even review yet! (

But anyways...I love you too! Times billions and billions! And billions more! D

I'd also love Kuroi (because he would definitely be a lovable character) if he weren't the calculatingly cold god of Death...I know that sounds crazy but it is just the truth (He's also like a much older Kuro, aside from the eye color difference, and anything Kuro is awesomely wicked!). But poor Estelle has to handle his evil ways at the moment, never knowing what to predict from him. I now also have more knowledge about blood marks! I am happy and contented ) Which consoles me over the fact that Estelle is now under Kuroi's 'protection' because that would mean Kuroi would never hurt Estelle.

And when will Kintra reveal his hidden mind reading abilities to Heather? Because it is definitely straining their, er, friendship, what with him avoiding eye contact at all costs and all...And I hope Faye isn't some kind of spy sent by Kuroi, because that would just suck :( She'd make a really good friend for Heather, albeit being scarily dragon-like and all...

And what you did with Serena makes such a good shift from the previous chapter :) It is now made quite clear that she and Heather absolutely have nothing in common and aren't in any way related to each other somehow...and it is has now been announced that Heather is Haku's incarnation, as it has been hinted throughout the story! She is not a mere mortal after all! Or is she? Will she gain some kind of immortal status? And when will it happen? In the second book? And if Kuroi can actually see everything that is happening everywhere, why can't he sense, or even see, Hikaru? And shouldn't he be angry with Kuro by now for having a human Pet? Or is Kuro exempt from everything because of his Ruby Weapon status? And since Kuro is actually the infamous weapon, Kintra being bound to him makes Kintra the Ruby Weapon as well...? Hehe...the more things occurring in Without Light, the more I have more questions popping up.

On a final note, next Friday, it is definitely a date! I have too many questions for you to answer so I best read on. Curiosity shall kill the cat. Always XD I shall now vote over who is to die but I don't really want to :( I love all the characters...but if no one dies, progress in the story won't take place. So I must. I choose Midori...because she already has an heir. And because Shiren queens always die. Follow tradition, I guess? Or Kintra, because he doesn't really want to live anymore...Although that would mean Kuro would be affected...Estelle can't die unless Kuroi removes their bond so he's untouchable...Midi it is...although that saddens me because she can't escape death...and she seems so nice...
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