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Sal VeRane chapter 21 . 5/28/2011
I would have never guessed that the blood mark would be something like that! Loved this chapter as much as all the rest! I can't wait for the next one!
Kuronekowakan chapter 21 . 5/28/2011
OMG! wow! ok so...hmm...was heather like smelling serena's scent? her heat scent? in the hallway? omg! rage and jealousy can make a person miss certain clues to the important things...poor midi...she was tricked! kuroi is a hateful bastard! i still don't completely understand the blood marks...can not wait for next week's chapter!
ShortcakeMattie chapter 21 . 5/28/2011
I love you times one billion too!

Anyway... Poor Kintra! It sucks not being the favorite child and than have your dad hold it over your head.


"Don't touch me," she had to repeatedly warn, "Kuroshijust couldn't be bothered to mark me up yet."

Edit: "Kuroshi just couldn't be bothered to mark me up yet."


"Nevermind. It was rude of me to ask that," was all she could think to say, "we'll figure it out later."

Edit: "Never mind. It was rude of me to ask that..."


"I was kind of hoping you would all along..."

Edit: I think you forgot a word between all and along?


I like Faye. She makes me laugh and sounds like a good friend and ally for Heather. Also her reaction to meeting Kintra made me smile too.

I have a question about the bloodmark. I'm probably just being slow and understanding the different marks... but the one Kuroi gave to Estelle, I know it'll hurt Kuroi if Estelle gets hurt, but does it work the other way around? If Kuroi gets hurt it'll also hurt Estelle?
ShortcakeMattie chapter 20 . 5/27/2011
One of the things that I love about Kintra is his innocence. The part that really stuck out to me was when he was in the dark room with Kuroshi and the human girl, when he was thinking that the girl shouldn't be "shoved into rooms and held down. She should be painted..." That paragraph was really sweet. Well done.


Tears had begun streaming down her perfect face, so Kintra cut across his brother to wipe them away. "Awe. Don't cry."

Edit: I think you meant "Aw. Don't cry."


"Yeah, but Kintra's no help if we're fighting his Dad," Chris ventured, "Isn't that right?"

Edit: You don't need to capitalize Dad.


"I'm really not sure," Kintra admitted, "Bloomarks are supposed to be impossible to make."

Edit: "Bloodmarks are supposed to be impossible to make."


"Quickest way to a mans heart?" She absently traced a finger around each nipple, ensuring they'd show even through her tight new green dress, not even noticing when her rain charm pendant slipped hopelessly out of sight. "Straight through the chest."

Edit: "Quickest way to a man's heart?"


"Put a barrier around yourselves, okay? The Hunters will be freed once I take Serena closer to the castle. Lure them away by as far as you can."

Edit: I think you meant "Lure them away as far as you can."


As I've told you before, just seeing Lucas's name makes me smile. Anyway... another good chapter. I don't really have anything to critique other than the spelling mentioned above. In another review, someone mentioned this being the last chapter of book one? I know you mentioned something about having three books, just curious as to how you break them up.

Looking forward to the next chapter! Hope things are easier to write this time. :)

Kara P chapter 20 . 5/25/2011
Amazing chapter! I can't wait for the next one. :)

I was a little confused by Chris's reaction to Heather for some reason though. o_o
katiegirl101199 chapter 20 . 5/24/2011

I can't say a lot, I'm on a surprisingly tight schedule even though summer is here! I've officially been out of school for 1 day~ :)

I love your new profile picture, by the way. ;)

I hate that Kintra is hurt! And I feel like I finally understand exactly the spirit bond that he and Kuro share.

I wonder how Kuro will respond when he wakes up to Chris, haha.

And at the end... "Light," "Hikari," "Hikaru," "Heather..." Just a train of thought. ;)

Lovely chapter as always!

Oh, this is the last chapter of this book, yes?

Exciting! .

-Love! Katie
CaBlasch87 chapter 20 . 5/23/2011
i think this came along very well, good job!
Kuronekowakan chapter 20 . 5/23/2011
OMG! YAY! i love doppelgangers! this is sure to have a fun outcome here! yay! i love you sooo much!
jaedon chapter 20 . 5/23/2011


That last part. Now I can't wait for the next chapter. There's a Heather clone? I can tell a LOT is gonna happen hahaha.

The blue-eyed girl in the second part. Who is she? What happened after that? I assume her role in Kintra's life is really important or something for Kintra to choose Estelle as his pet because of their similar looks.

And about Heather being Kuro's treasure. Is being a Shiren's treasure less.. important(?) than having a spirit bond with it? I'm also really curious as to what the purpose of blood marks are.

The plot keeps getting thicker and more exciting! This story just tests my patience haha! Just proves how great a writer you are :D

Seriously looking forward to the next chap, take caree! :)
Inu chapter 20 . 5/22/2011
oh, now what do blood marks do? the sharing of magic, probably. also chris said heather is hot lol.
Lederpella chapter 20 . 5/22/2011
:u très bien. I liked. I don't want to be mean or anything, since you kinda started my "book" thing, but alright isn't a's all right. :)

I was really confused when Kintra and Chris arrived because I didn't get the setting...were they in Kuro's bedroom the whole time, or what?

Keep Writing!

Lonely Tylenol chapter 1 . 5/22/2011
I like this so far, and I'm only on chapter one...looking forward to the rest!
CaBlasch87 chapter 19 . 5/21/2011
i seriously wanted to cry after reading this, the end was so sad. you did a wonderful job with this chapter, i love the mix of emotions from so many directions
Sal30100 chapter 18 . 5/21/2011
I absolutely LOVE the most recent chapter! I can't wait for the

next one! Keep writing! :)
SpazticCat chapter 20 . 5/21/2011
And the plot thickens... Will it ever make sense!

Poor Estelle, poor Chris, poor Heather, poor Kintra... I don't want them to die! -panics-

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