Reviews for Familiar Blood
Because I'm So Evil chapter 1 . 7/2/2010
"The funeral is tomorrow, and if anybody tries to talk to me about dad[,] I'll only tell them about how things were before I wised up to the world."

"I'll wear navy blue instead of black[,] and that will tell them everything else."

"I think if most people watched the burying[,] they would cry when they heard the wood of the cheap coffin we bought crack under the pressure of six feet of earth."

As a general rule, whenever you have a phrase that starts with "if...," the concluding phrase "then..." will be proceeded by a comma.

Anyway, your writing is really just wonderful. It's expressive and makes delightful usage of diction, detail, and syntax. Your narrator's voice is just so vivid, too. I can't understand the catalyst for the narrator's falling out with her father. So he's not a great man; few men are. Logically, that makes very little sense. Besides that, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope you'll begin work on a novel, though; your style really lends itself to it.