Reviews for A little too close to home
Loss of Words chapter 5 . 1/20/2011
This story really hit me hard. Brutal honesty is something that I value in people, whether in writing or in word and action, and this is definitely an example of that to me. I definitely understand how it feels to be ignored or abandoned by a parent, and the feeling of resentment when they try to be a parent again. They never cared before, why now? What does she know of me or what I need?

As far as to why you wrote these chapters, I think you're right - it has nothing to do with people saying, "oh, wow, I'm so sorry," or, "Oh I just want to give you a hug." Maybe it's something deeper than that. Maybe it's something really simple. Something simple as having someone say, "Hey... I get it. I hear you. I'm listening." And that's all. No judgement, no pity, no attempt to comfort - just simple acceptance. That's how it is for me, anyways.

Good luck.

(and on an editorial note; I recall only a single nitpick: one of your nouns in one of the chapter needs to be plural rather than singular.)
Peevxwm Vaj chapter 4 . 7/21/2010
I think you need to remove all those notes at the beginning telling me I don't need to read more than a chapter. First off, because it's futile: Your story caught me quickly and I had to keep reading more. Secondly, the feeling of hope in the last chapter is so rewarding to the reader (and to the narrator as well, I imagine).

Check out "Just Breathe Normally" by Peggy Shumaker. It's a memoir written in a similar fashion (short, stand-alone style) and with a remarkably similar story.

Finally, I know it's terribly unconventional, but I do want to wish you luck in school. I trust that what's ahead will be much brighter than what's behind.