Reviews for Silver And You
CalliScribbles chapter 1 . 6/18/2012
Werewolves have a long way to go before their presence in this society is accepted, isn't it? I like this little piece of advice, it's quite original in its approach to the werewolves/silver problem, as well as the way that a werewolf minority might be treated in an urban fantasy setting.

"It treated us like misguided children, but we weren't the villains." - This line is so true to real life racism when it's so entrenched in a society that the "fair" way of dealing with the targeted group is to make them sympathetic but stupid. And it really packs a punch.
fullyclothed chapter 1 . 3/15/2011
This is an elegant story. I immensely enjoyed the quiet bitterness of the narrator and the focus on the chemical make-up of silver as an element. The technicality helps to reinforce that silver, to the narrator and others of his ilk, is a very real and lethal poison - so much that they have been forced to study it thoroughly, become familiar with its every property. The exploration of silver as weapon contrasted with silver as fashion accessory implies a somewhat modern relevance, though it is never explicit which era the story is actually set in. It's definitely a different idea, anyhow - knowingly wearing something that you know could be used to kill you.

Besides those, I have a few questions:

- Was it on purpose that the actual nature of the narrator was left a blank? Personally, I thought of him, and the others, as vampiric all the way through the story. It was only until I read the previous reviewer's comments that the idea they could be lycanthropes came to me. Are they vampires? However, I must say that 'driven into the woods' does imply a more beastlike quality.

- 'I read that pulpy book the other day. You know the one. It treated us like misguided children, but we weren't the villains.' Impertinent, dense question here. Are you referring to Twilight?

- 'There is hatred living in there, although you might call it quantum instead.' - this sounds a little choppy, but probably only because you might not want to say 'there is quantum living in there'.

All things considered, it's a rather engaging concept for a story - dark, forbidding, different. I'm not sure I've ever read a vampire story with traces of chemistry (ha ha) embedded. Nice work.
macabre thoughts chapter 1 . 7/5/2010
Possibly the subtlest werewolf story I've ever read. The narrative is, again, absolutely captivating. I can almost hear this character talking to me, or the silver pendant. It'd take a better writer than me to offer criticism.