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LetsMakeBisciuts101 chapter 22 . 3/8/2015
I have waited years for the last chapter darling. If you got it published, can ya tell me where to buy? Maybe this is a lost plea but this is an unfinished story that haunts me cause I desire for the endin so much. Please please tell me how I can acquire the final chapter.
Lady Morrighan chapter 12 . 4/16/2014
This is such a nice story to red..I'm really glad I found it:)
ThePigeonBrain chapter 14 . 2/12/2014
The suspense is not really killing me... You've already given away that she's going to stay, what with that little mention of the local population double-taxing Shin and favoring Kana.
But no matter, you write well enough that I stay. It's rare to find a story this good. The plot is original for a change, and the mood of the story leaves me all fuzzy inside.
Picture chapter 21 . 2/10/2013
You may have gotten on with your revisions, but I thought I might as well give you my two cents since I went through the whole story. Clearly, since I took the time, I quite enjoyed the story, so do not take my nitpicking to mean I dislike it in any way.

My first thought overall is you did a wonderful job with Shin's character. I could really sympathize with Kana's struggle over knowing she should not like him, but liking him anyway. The world-building was also strong without focusing too much on irrelevant things; it was clear you had developed the universe far beyond what you shared within the story.

As for Kana, I wanted to know more about her- her feelings were well presented, but what did she do? What were her hobbies or projects she undertook during her time alone? Also, her homesickness would have been stronger with more details about her family earlier on. You obviously developed her whole family quite well, so I am not sure why you kept even their names unknown for so long. That also might have helped lend urgency to their situation while Kana was away, which at times was hard to care about.

Well, that is my dissertation on the subject. Best of luck in your publishing endeavors. As for me, I no longer remember how I got here or what I was doing before...
ward614 chapter 22 . 4/10/2012
I just saw your post, and am really looking forward to finishing reading! Please make another post with information on how to get your book when it comes out(I'm sure it will).
optimistsush chapter 22 . 4/3/2012
aaand here i thought i m gonna get to read another chapter. i had almost forgotten you when u spring back like a pleasant surprise. its like reconnecting with an old friend actually :)

this is optimistsush by the way (incase my pen name isnt published here, i seem to have forgotten my login id and password. such is my memory
Ward614 chapter 21 . 3/23/2012
I just committed a capital error by not giving an email to go with my review, so here it is:
Ward614 chapter 21 . 3/23/2012
Hey, I only just got to reading this story and it is definitely publish-worthy. I was wondering, however, how this story has been proceeding and If you are having any luck with the publishing process?
Em chapter 9 . 5/13/2011
I liked Mr Hero. I'm not sure what we're /supposed/ to think of him, but I find him quite funny. Also not sure if he's good, bad, or somewhere in between, but still - I like him.

Also really liked Eric. Not sure why, but his character really appealed to me.

Question: how did Kana know Lysander was no longer wearing a fez?
Em chapter 7 . 5/13/2011
I like Kana and Shin. Their relationship is progressing well, it's like I'm almost waiting for them to get together "properly" lol

Still trying to decide if I like Lizzie. I agree with Shin when he says she is fickle. But I think I kinda do.

Also still trying to decide if I like Skull. When we first met him I definitely did, but as he starts talking, he makes me suspicious, but that just might be me, and my slight aversion to talking cats XD However, I did like his last line, about how the soup is average, and it's not poisoned. A good ending to that segment.

Definitely liked all the stuff about the "poisoned" soup. It was funny, and the way it just kinda carried throughout the chapter amused me.

Still liking :-)
Em chapter 2 . 5/13/2011
The characters are coming along well. They're very likeable, and I also like how Kana doesn't /like/ Shin, but she doesn't /absolutely hate/ him either.

I do think, though, that this bit...

"stunning an eavesdropping tribeswoman into silence"

would sound better as "THE eavesdropping tribeswoman"

It's only a little thing, your choice of course, I just think that "an" sounds like it's indicating something a little too random, considering it's so obvious who the tribeswoman is.

But still, so far, so good :-)
Phyllis chapter 21 . 5/7/2011
For the type of story you're writing, the title that best suits it is "The Necromancer's Wife." I do, believe it or not, have valid reasons to back my position, so here goes:

1 - The title that's in place now is not bad, but it's neutral. It doesn't hint much about the content of the novel other than it's an unconventional romance.

2 - This title puts too much emphasis on Shin or his necromancy since Kana and her situation had nothing to do with the 'nearly departed' until she met Shin. I feel that this story focuses more on Kana and Shin themselves, rather than the actual necromancy aspect. Hence, that's the reason I favor the third title you presented.

3 - This title puts emphasis on both Shin (as the "Necromancer") and Kana (as the "Wife"). Not only does it hint that the story will be a romance, it also reveals a little more of the plot (by mentioning necromancy), and it leaves room for a plot larger than romance, so readers who like an exciting book with romance not an overwhelming factor (which I feel matches your story) will be more attracted to your book with this title.

I hope my thoughts were useful!
Em chapter 1 . 5/4/2011
I like how the characters are coming along so far. I think setting is a little vague though, unless that was your intention, or maybe it's just me :-P

But I'm liking it so far :-)
Heather chapter 21 . 5/2/2011
Sorry about the late review Kura... Stuff happened and I only managed to get online for a little while before getting dragged off again. Again, sorry about that.
optimistsush chapter 21 . 5/1/2011
my that was a long one...

sad that i wouldnt be hearing from you for quite some time now :(

the necromancer's wife seems a much classier name than any of the others.. but be sure to include a major role for kana... so far so good though...

i hope u do get to publish this story some day... maybe i will buy the book.. and skip the first 18 chapters or so since i have already read them ;) will feel wonderful.. also there will be this whole thing abt me being one of ur first critics and fan.. :)
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