Reviews for Living Nightmare
Suhpheeah chapter 1 . 4/5/2012
Wow, that was awesome! Awesome in a creepy way, but awesome nonetheless! xD The end reminded me somewhat of The Walking Dead (I don't know if you ever saw the series or if you even like it, but I do and I say it as a compliment xD My mind makes weird associations, though. I'm not saying your story has anything to deal with The Walking Dead. I just linked the two because those children felt like demonic, intelligent zombies xD) Are you updating this? Because I got rather curious as to what happened to the girl's family and what iwere/i those children and where they came from. The plot so far sounds like something I would be interested in reading ) I was weirdly hooked as I read further down. The begining actually reminded me of something I wrote, but haven't posted because I haven't the plot completely figured out yet. Anyway, that was nice to read and I was intrigued with your story. Congrats!

Have a great day! D