Reviews for Forever Friends
GraziaArmonico chapter 1 . 7/18/2010
Ok, I like the description, but I had trouble following the story line. I couldn't tell who was who, who was dying, whether the dog was part of it or just a bystander... Needed more clarity, especially in the first sentence... I didn't understand the gist of the first sentence at all, though I read it over and over again. I have a guess, but nothing more. Also, perhaps a little more history would be good... the main character would no doubt be dwelling on the circumstances that led to this moment, and you could give the reader some hints to that effect, making a deeper impression in general. And now I believe I've written as much as was in the original work lol, so I'll quit there. I know you have an incredible gift with writing, so I'm certain all this needs is some polishing ;)