Reviews for A Man
Anonymous chapter 1 . 2/21/2011
Should I say that I love this poem? I really enjoyed it. Especially the way that you tied the whole thing together, it was all very nicely done. You said that you tried to do a 3 syllable per line thing and I see that in some parts you may have had more than 3 syllables but they were odd numbered syllables, which still fits in nicely with this whole thing. The last stanza was just beautiful and the last line just completed the poem. It is incredibly sad and really hits the way that we are raising today's society's little boys. A real man is not allowed to cry, to get hurt, or anything. This is the view that we are currently giving and raising little boys in and this, in turn, causes a lot of the boys in today's society to grow up too fast. While some things may be changing, that idea doesn't seem to fully disappear quite yet. I love writing that also has some sort of message to it. It's either that or I am reading too much into this but I am happy assuming that you had this idea in mind as well. You are a great writer and I know that you will really grow. I really enjoyed browsing through your stories.
I liked this a lot. It was...sad. The last part was very good. Wrapped up the whole poem beautifully.

I wasn't really sure about the "tainted" part. Did the boy experience something that was not meant for a young child?