Reviews for Worse than Beings
Eternal Skies chapter 1 . 8/11/2010
Back in my elementary days (elementary, pathetic, I know -_-) some classmates were using me to copy my homework and the like, and I even thought they were my best friends.

Now, four years later I'm in high school: ninth grade. I met the leader of that group by chance, she was in the same school (my rotten luck). And in the last four years I changed drastically, like totally. She didn't like the better me (I'm kind of popular now, and I'm not a nerd anymore)so she keeps flicking off words and showing others my old pictures and stuff.

I always seem this close (little space between forefinger and thumb) to killing her but I think: "Hey, I'm the better here. She's just jelous-let her go to hell"

Phew. Just saying~ We've all been there.

And even now when I have zillions of friends (except three or four of them, they're all 'friends of courtesy' but still) and everybody likes me for who I am, her words still hurt.