Reviews for Days Of Yesterday
sesame.seed.bagels chapter 1 . 8/14/2010
Okay, this one kind of confused me a little bit. In a good way. If that makes any sense at all, which it probably doesn't, but oh well. First of all, I'm still trying to decipher that second line. Maybe I'm thinking too deep, or not deep enough. Because it seems that the past leaving us behind is rather strange. Usually, you'd think that the past pushes us forward, as opposed to leaving us behind. I don't know. An explanation would be greatly appreciated. I understand the message through the middle part, though. True immortality, which is really impossible on earth, can be attained if you leave behind a legend. I'm good with that part. That's always a great thing to think about. But then, I get this line: By dragging the past to the future- or is it the other way? Okay, well that would mean dragging the future to the past. Perhaps this is talking about the need to make everything better, more advanced, all too soon. It's a good lesson. Can't we just appreciate what we have and let it entertain us for a little while? If this is what you're trying to convey, I like the way it's put. But it really has nothing to do with what the poem is about. I really like the way you're stating the messages. It's really subtle, makes you kind of think about it. I dunno, I'm a stickler for short poetry, as you can probably tell. It would be a nice collection. Good job. Imma keep reviewing now.