Reviews for Something Happens
blurrylights chapter 1 . 9/4/2010
I liked this! It was different, in that the ending was so...normal. It felt unreal almost, like the characters were going through the emotions of dating, but barely feeling it. Like Charlie felt like she had to like him, felt like she had to be sad when he was jerk to her. I'm not explaining it completely properly, but it was a cool effect, whether intentional or not. A part of me wants more from the ending, but I know that if they were to get together again, it would have ruined the piece for me.

As for suggestions, I don't have many personally because I did like the way it was written. But if you want to make it like the other pieces you've written, I suggest more active dialog description- the most you learn about a character & their feelings is via the way they speak. Also, a little more description about locations & time jumps- that got a little confusing at times. I wish I knew what they looked like, & it would have been nice to know about her relationship with Liz, & his with Matt.

But like I said. I liked it. ]