Reviews for Just Swallowing On
Der Adler Des Mondes chapter 1 . 8/20/2010
Hm... To be honest I do not know how to review this poem.

It stirs up feelings of frustration, anger and of being trapped.

So my favorite stanza in this poem is this :

"Prisoner of utilization,

I work for eternity,

facing only disparages"

Not only because it made me look up the words "disparages" and "utilization"in the Greek-English dictionary... (learned new words today!)

But the truth in it.

In our's a sad world full of lies and people ripping off other people to make a living...

Cruelty apperantly makes the world go round...

(I don't know if I have the correct if I misinterpreted anything my bad!)

PS: Could you do me a HUGE favor and review "Exploring is not Always Easy"? I have been trying to get a beta for it and reviews!