Reviews for My General
Southern Steel chapter 1 . 2/21/2012
Wow. I love it! That was just amazing. I especially love the last line. It's terrible how sad it is that the "fourth generation" and on have all forgotten or don't care about this terrible but so important period in our history. Second only to the Revolution, the War shaped America as we know it today, especially the government. Anyways, I love this story. YOu did a terrific job and I absolutly love it!
V for Victor chapter 1 . 8/24/2010
This was, well, pretty excellent! It did sound rather cliched at times, like with the "my brothers..." part, but since that was repeated at least two times, it actually had quite a poetic effect of repetition. This would be a very good passage to do a found poem from.

As a story, this was definitely realistic and lifelike. My favorite detail was the riderless horse returning out of the smoke ;)

The sentence where it said the general's spirit had been lain down with his men on the field was also brilliant. :P

Just to clarify, the general there was Lee, right? I'm assuming so, since he said the "it is all my fault" line.

The last italicized sentence was very chilling as well, and true unfortunately in how people forgot how others made a sacrifice and suffered.

Very good stuff, keep it coming! :P