Reviews for Junior Year Resolution
Ruby Kart chapter 1 . 9/9/2010
You should save this somewhere where you can pull it out and read it every once in a while to remind you of what your life is about now.

I don't know the pain your friends experience. However, I do know one thing about teenagers - we all believe the same lie: no one in the world understand what I'm going through.

Teenagers automatically get the impression that they are alone in the world. Why bother someone else with the troubles of your heart? Again, I don't know your friends, nor do I know the exact bond you may have with them, but I do know that the average teenager is not going to open up to anyone, even if they are a friend. It's a mentality which many of us possess.

Sometimes, it's a blatant facade game and masquerade because we're too proud to admit that we need help. Other times, it's out of pure want to sort the situation out ourselves, because we don't fully know what is going on. And still at other times, we view our problems ad insignificant when compared to the grand scheme of things. Finally, it's easier to pretend nothing is wrong than to face the fact that life isn't always a happy place. There are so many different reasons why even friends won't burden friends with problems - and it's just that: it's a burden.

Yes, I understand your desire to share in your friends pain and let them know they are not alone. Perhaps, in life, you can't always show but must sometimes tell. Maybe they just need you to say that you're there for them, and then continue to show them that you are. I'm not saying they will open up immediately, but I do know they will appreciate the small gesture, and may at some time decide to open up.

It's always good to have a friend nearby who is willing to help you in the daily struggles of life. I admire your resolution to be that person.

- Ruby Kart