Reviews for Numbah Sexynine bebe
BlackxValveteen chapter 1 . 1/10/2011
Well what can I say? I have absolutely no idea what this piece is about so I’m hoping you’ll be able to write a long and detailed analysis to help me understand your thoughts and ideas behind this piece.

What I loved about it was the irony. Eg. Jeffrey Dahmer bagged the new number, which was supposed to cure many things including random falling buses, then he gets crushed by a random falling bus. Both funny and true to life. A lot of the time people’s words come back to bite them.

I also loved how you used real life issues in a humorous way. Eg. You categorized facebook as a ‘harmful hard drug,’ which is true for many facebook uses who have become so addicted to the site that it’s just as bad as taking an illicit drug.

I also liked how you showed the stupidity of politicians and the ridiculous decisions which politicians often make; the way they come up with sometimes pointless or unnecessary ideas which they think will help a certain an aspect of society or economy. You displayed this through the whole idea of the President of America and USSR who wants to create a number between 6 and 7. This displays the idiocy of the president and the lies he tells just to convince people of his idea. In this piece, the lies are displayed through the idea that this new number will ‘help solve the world’s current dilemmas.’ You’ve made it so obvious that it’s a lie, which is a very effective way of putting the message across, because the president says it will ‘cure aids’ and ‘abolish harmful drugs’ but surely a number could save the world from these things. I think it’s excellent that you’ve taken something so insignificant, like a new number, and turned it into something that may revolutionize the world.

I commend you on this, but please let me know what tom cruise and bugs bunny have to do with it. Wouldn’t tom cruise be dead? But maybe you have an explanation and I’d love to hear it.

Da Muffity chapter 1 . 9/13/2010