Reviews for Perceptional Sophistication
Der Adler Des Mondes chapter 1 . 10/2/2010
(Sorry for the falling of the world mania that has been inflicted upon me!)

To be honest I have no clue what this poem is supposed to represent!

The meaning felt it was about trust between two people but at the same time the victor versus the conquered saying.

While reading this for the first time I felt as though I was in a barrel and I got thrown down the stairs. The poem is very good at bouncing around and it sounds quite nice in my head :D.

The lines

"Girdles of living,

cumbersome and woeful.

Barrels of loneliness,

tumble and crush."

Were my favorite lines!

(and yes had to get a dictionary for at least a quarter of the words in the poem :(

But it helps improve my vocabulary so I can't complain).